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Storm G


To avoid confusion with F-scale ratings, no storm F was assigned. The fifth tornadic supercell, Storm G, produced 6 tornadoes, 2 of which produced F3 damage.

G1 05/03/1999 2156-2158 1 50 F0 0 0 Canadian SW Edge of El Reno

The 1st tornado, G1, formed near the southwest edge of El Reno in Canadian County just southwest of Interstate 40 and Country Club Rd. Minor damage was confined to trees, ball-field equipment at Redlands Community College, and a few roofs.

G2 05/03/1999 2203-2237 22 350 F3 0 0 Canadian/ Kingfisher 1 NNE El Reno - 8 SE Kingfisher

The 2nd tornado, G2, formed about 1 mile northeast of El Reno in Canadian County and tracked north for 22 miles, varying in width from 100 to 500 yards, before dissipating 8 miles south-southwest of Kingfisher in Kingfisher County. Two mobile homes were destroyed, and 3 other homes received F1 damage. The remainder of damage was confined to telephone poles, trees, and outbuildings. About 2.5 miles into the path of the tornado, F2 damage occurred, and the top of a 500-ft. transmission tower was blown off. Near the end of the tornado path, F3 damage occurred about 9 miles southeast of Kingfisher, where a 3,000-pound oil storage tank was moved for ½ mile. While the tank rolled for some distance, it was clear the tank was airborne. Trees in this area were also partially debarked.

G3 05/03/1999 2238-2244 3 150 F0 0 0 Kingfisher/ Logan 2 SW - 0.5 N Cashion

The 3rd tornado, G3, formed 2 miles southwest of Cashion in Kingfisher County, and produced only minor damage as it tracked northeast for 3 miles to near the Kingfisher/Logan County border.

G4 05/03/1999 2240-2241 0.5 50 F0 0 0 Kingfisher 8 E - 8 ESE Kingfisher

The 4th tornado, G4, was very short-lived and formed about 8 miles east of Kingfisher in Kingfisher County. The tornado was less than 50 yards wide and damaged outbuildings and trees as it moved northeast across Highway 33.

G5 05/03/1999 2256-2318 13 880 F3 0 13 Logan 2.5 S Crescent - 4 E Crescent - 4 SW Mulhall

A description of the 5th tornado, G5, was listed above with tornado B20. Tornado G5 tracked over nearly the same portion of Logan County as tornado B20. At times, damage caused by tornado B20 was indistinguishable from damage caused by tornado G5. Twenty-five homes were destroyed near Crescent, and 30 homes were damaged (F3). Damage here is believed to have been produced by both tornadoes, and near the end of this tornado track, along portions of EW68 Rd. and EW69 Rd., another house received significant roof damage.

G6 05/03/1999 2333-2336 2 440 F2 0 0 Logan 3 SSW - 2 S Mulhall

The 6th and final tornado produced by Storm G, G6, formed about 3 miles south-southwest of Mulhall in Logan County, just south of the damage track produced by another tornado (B20) that moved through Mulhall earlier in the evening. Although somewhat difficult to determine, due to possible damage from tornado B20, the most extensive damage (F2) from this tornado is believed to have consisted of major structural damage to a brick house near the intersection of Highway 77 and EW 68, where the majority of the roof was ripped off, and one exterior wall was partially knocked down. Additional damage occurred to a railroad crossing, trees, and power poles.