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Storm H spawned 4 tornadoes.

H1 05/03/1999 ~2122 0.8 50 F0 0 0 Kingfisher 2 ESE Omega

The first tornado, H1, formed 2 miles east-southeast of Omega in Kingfisher County, and was reported by a storm chaser. No significant damage is believed to have occurred.

H2 05/03/1999 2150 0.2 30 F0 0 0 Kingfisher 3 NW Dover

The second tornado, H2, formed about 3 miles northwest of Dover in Kingfisher County and was determined from storm chaser accounts and a damage survey. Damage consisted of snapped and uprooted trees.

H3 05/03/1999 2157-2202 1 150 F2 0 0 Kingfisher 1 ESE Hennessey

The third tornado, H3, formed about 1 mile east-southeast of Hennessey in Kingfisher County and moved to the east-southeast for 1 mile. Major damage, rated high-end F2, was inflicted to one farmhouse and an old abandoned house near the beginning of the tornado track; and a handful of outbuildings were completely destroyed. Additionally, heavy farm equipment was moved several hundred yards, and trees sustained major damage.

H4 05/03/1999 (2218-2228) 8 440 F2 0 0 Logan/ Garfield 3 SW Marshall - 9 SSE Covington (5 NE Marshall)

The fourth and final tornado, H4, formed 3 miles southwest of Marshall in Logan County and tracked over mostly rural land, affecting 2 residences before dissipating in southeast Garfield County. An old, abandoned house near Marshall in northwest Logan County was completely destroyed (F2). Damage at another residence in southeast Garfield County included 3 destroyed grain bins, 1 of which was tossed about a ½ mile. A pole barn was also destroyed with the remnants strewn about a 150-yard-wide area, and an addition to a house was ripped off. Massive trees some with trunk diameters the size of a small car where also ripped completely out of the ground and tossed up to 200 yards. This tree damage occurred over an area covering several miles and overlapped the Logan/Garfield County border.