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Fast Facts

  • The parent supercell thunderstorm produced 10 tornadoes in NWS Norman area and another 6 tornadoes in the NWS Tulsa area in northeastern Oklahoma.

  • Of the 16 tornadoes, 1 was rated as F3 while 2 others were rated F2. Another 8 tornadoes were rated F1, and 5 tornadoes were rated F0.

  • The third and fourth tornadoes produced by the supercell were both anti-cyclonic.

  • The storm took a track similar to, and just north of the track taken by another cyclic supercell that had occurred slightly more than a year earlier on May 9, 2003.

  • The second tornado produced by the thunderstorm near Geary, was documented at close range by Doppler on Wheels (DOW) research scientists. A peak instantaneous wind gust was measured by the DOW team at 81 m/s (157 knots, or 181 mph) at a height of 6.5 meters above ground level (AGL) in the mesocyclone circulation just north of Geary at 6:36 PM CST.

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