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February and Tornadoes


Tornadoes struck in central and south central Oklahoma during the afternoon and evening of February 10, 2009, affecting the cities of Oklahoma City and Edmond in central Oklahoma, and Lone Grove and Ardmore in south central Oklahoma. Information from storm surveys and other sources are still being examined to determine the details of these tornadoes.


February Tornadoes


There have been over 50 documented February tornadoes within the state of Oklahoma between 1950 and the present.

Prior to the Lone Grove tornado, there have been two other deadly tornadoes in February in Oklahoma since 1950, both occurring on February 22, 1975 in southwestern Oklahoma. On that day, one tornado struck Altus, killing two people, and another tornado killed one person near Mountain Park. These were two of six tornadoes that struck between midnight and 3 am in Oklahoma.

Prior to the Lone Grove tornado, rated EF-4, the strongest tornadoes to have occurred within Oklahoma in February since 1950 are two F3 tornadoes both that struck on February 17, 1961. One F3 tornado occurred in eastern Oklahoma county from near Spencer to northeast of Luther, and the other F3 tornado was part of a tornadic storm that moved from near Stratford to Konawa, Wewoka and to south of Shulter.

A total of 6 confirmed tornadoes from the February 10, 2009 event ties February 2009 with February 1975 for the most tornadoes to have occurred in Oklahoma during the month of February since official records began in 1950.

The 8 confirmed deaths associated with the Lone Grove, OK tornado ties it with the Morris tornado as the seventh deadliest tornado since 1950 in Oklahoma. This F3 tornado killed 8 people in the town of Morris, OK on April 26, 1984.

Prior to Tuesday, February 10, 2009, the last February tornado in Oklahoma occurred on February 25, 2000 in Tulsa.


Deadly Tornadoes

Deadliest Tornadoes in Oklahoma since 1950
1 36 5/03/1999 F5 Bridge Creek-Oklahoma City-Moore
2 24 5/20/2013 EF5 Newcastle-South Oklahoma City-Moore
3 20 5/25/1955 F5 Blackwell
4 16 5/05/1960 F4 Wilburton-Keota
  16 5/05/1961 F4 Talihina-Reichert-Howe
6 14 6/08/1974 F4 Drumright-Olive-Lake Keystone
7 10 1/22/1957 F4 Gans
8 8 4/26/1984 F3 Morris
  8 2/10/2009 EF4 Lone Grove-Ardmore
10 7 5/09/1959 F4 North Of Harden City and Stonewall
  7 4/24/1993 F4 Catoosa
10 6* 5/10/2008 F4 Picher
*The Picher Tornado was responsible for 6 fatalities in Oklahoma, but 21 fatalities along its entire path in Oklahoma and Missouri.
Deadliest Tornadoes in Oklahoma since 1882
1 116 4/09/1947 F5 Woodward
2 97 5/10/1905 F5 Snyder
3 71 5/02/1920 F4 Peggs
4 69 4/12/1945 F5 Antlers
5 52 4/27/1942 F4 Pryor
6 36 5/03/1999 F4 Bridge Creek-Oklahoma City-Moore
7 35 6/12/1942 F4 Oklahoma City (Southwest)
8 33 4/25/1893 F4 Cleveland County
9 24 5/20/2013 F5 Newcastle-South Oklahoma City-Moore
10 23 11/19/1930 F4 Bethany