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Below is a table containing links to GIS data for damage surveys and paths for some of the February 10, 2009 tornadoes in the Lone Griove, OK area as well as Central Oklahoma. The KMZ data for Central Oklahoma cover the 3 tornadoes surveyed from northwest Oklahoma City northeast toward Stillwater. There is also a zip file available for each area which contains all ESRI shapefiles.

  • The GIS data for the Lone Grove, OK tornado was updated on 2/18/2009 with EF Scale ratings.

  • The Lone Grove files (including the tornado track) were updated with new information.

  • The "Other Survey Points" shapefile represents Kiel Ortega's (NSSL/CIMMS) survey (damage) points -- not all of which are directly related to the tornado.

  • There are not yet any EF ratings for Kiel Ortega's survey.

  • It is possible that the tornado track is longer than what is shown.

  • The lines are the approximate centers of the tracks (width is not given), and the survey points' EF ratings are also approximate. Also, not all points are labeled, and the rating is what was surveyed closest to the points that are labeled.
GIS Info for
February 10, 2009 Tornadoes
Location kmz zipfile
Lone Grove, OK kmz zipfile
Central Oklahoma kmz zipfile
Warning Polygons kmz  
Other Storm Reports kmz