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Snowfall Reports

Below is a table of snowfall reports from areas in Oklahoma affected by the March 27-28, 2009 winter storm.

Location County Precip Type Storm Total
Laverne, OK Harper Snow M29.0"
6N Fort Supply, OK Harper Snow M25.0"
Freedom, OK Woods Snow M24.0"
Alva, OK Woods Snow M24.0"
Laverne, OK Harper Snow M24.0"
2S Buffalo, OK Harper Snow M23.0"
Arnett, OK Ellis Snow M22.0"
Fargo, OK Ellis Snow M18.4"
Alabaster Caverns State Park Woodward Snow M18.0"
Waynoka, OK Woods Snow M18.0"
Woodward, OK Woodward Snow M18.0"
Vici, OK Dewey Snow M13.0"
Cherokee, OK Alfalfa Snow M12.0"
Mutual, OK Woodward Snow M11.0"
Roll, OK Roger Mills Snow M10.0"
Fairview, OK Major Snow M9.0"
1ESE Helena, OK Alfalfa Snow M9.0"
2NE Nash, OK Grant Snow E8.0"
Cheyenne, OK Roger Mills Snow M6.0"
Taloga, OK Dewey Snow M6.0"
Okeene, OK Blaine Snow E6.0"
Thomas, OK Custer Snow E6.0"
Elk City, OK Beckham Snow E6.0"
Watonga, OK Blaine Snow M5.0"
Leedy, OK Dewey Snow M5.0"
Cordell, OK Washita Snow M5.0"
Cushing, OK Payne Snow E5.0"
1.7N Glencoe, OK Noble Snow M4.5"
Jefferson, OK Grant Snow M4.0"
3N Stroud, OK Lincoln Snow M4.0"
4E Agra, OK Lincoln Snow M4.0"
Sentinel, OK Washita Snow E4.0"
5SE Red Rock, OK Noble Snow E4.0"
Clinton, OK Custer Snow E4.0"
4W Hillsdale, OK Garfield Snow E4.0"
2.4NE Fay, OK Blaine Snow M4.0"
0.5ENE Pond Creek, OK Grant Snow M4.0"
Newkirk, OK Kay Snow M3.8"
1W Crescent, OK Logan Snow M3.0"
Kingfisher, OK Kingfisher Snow E3.0"
Gotebo, OK Kiowa Snow E3.0"
1NE Sayre, OK Beckham Snow M3.0"
9.8WNW Geary, OK Blaine Snow M2.9"
Erick, OK Beckham Snow M2.8"
Enid, OK Garfield Snow M2.7"
2ENE Lookeba, OK Caddo Snow M2.6"
6NNE Hunter, OK Grant Snow M2.1"
Roosevelt, OK Kiowa Snow M2.0"
Hobart, OK Kiowa Snow E2.0"
Weatherford, OK Custer Snow E2.0"
Blackwell, OK Kay Snow M2.0"
2NNE Moravia, OK Greer Snow M2.0"
6.5N Willow, OK Beckham Snow M2.0"
3.9ENE Covington, OK Garfield Snow M2.0"
0.6WSW Granite, OK Greer Snow M1.7"
Hollis, OK Harmon Snow M1.5"
2SSW Blanchard, OK McClain Snow M1.5"
3N Piedmont, OK Canadian Snow M1.5"
Braman, OK Kay Snow M1.5"
3.2ESE Piedmont, OK Canadian Snow M1.4"
Retrop, OK Beckham Snow M1.0"
0.7SSW Bethany, OK Oklahoma Snow M1.0"
Headrick, OK Jackson Snow M1.0"
4.9SSE Guthrie, OK Logan Snow M1.0"
4.1SSE Billings, OK Noble Snow M1.0"
Chickasha, OK Grady Snow M1.0"
Will Rogers Airport Oklahoma Snow M1.0"
6SW Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma Snow M1.0"
El Reno, OK Canadian Snow E1.0"
Vernon, TX Wilbarger Snow E1.0"
Norman, OK Cleveland Snow TRACE
Elmore City, OK Garvin Snow TRACE