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Severe Storms are Possible Saturday and Sunday Night--Severe Weather Safety Info

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Fast Facts

Fast Facts

  • For several hours, winds sustained at 40 mph and gusting to 60 mph created whiteout conditions with visibility of less than 100 feet.

  • The Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) reported 9 fatalities attributed to the winter storm. All died in storm related traffic collisions on December 24-25, 2009.

  • According to the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management, EMSA responded to 1,079 emergency medical calls in the Oklahoma City area on December 24-27, 2009. Included in that number were 149 falls and 92 motor vehicle crashes. During the four-day period, paramedics transported 728 patients to hospitals for continued care.

  • Total damage from the blizzard exceeded $18 million across Oklahoma.

Winter Weather Safety Information

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