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Snow/Ice Maps

The January 28-29 winter storm brought significant accumulations of both ice and snow to parts of western and central Oklahoma and western North Texas. In order to prevent a confusing graphic, the ice glaze accumulations and the snow and sleet accumulations will be presented separately.

Most of the ice glaze occurred on January 28th as a shallow cold layer undercut a warm layer of air aloft. Ice crystals melted before they hit the ground, and then refroze upon contact with elevated surfaces like trees and power lines. Here is a map of the ice accumulations, previously sent as a Graphicast:

A lot of the snow that fell on January 28th occurred only across northern Oklahoma, although some snow and sleet was observed across parts of western and central Oklahoma. More snow fell on January 29th, especially from the Arbuckle Mountains through the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, where the snow was occasionally heavy. Here is a map of the storm total snow accumulations, which includes sleet: