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Heavy Rainfall and Flash Flood Threat Friday and Saturday

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Fast Facts

  • Twelve tornadoes occurred during the outbreak.

  • One tornado has been rated EF-5. Two tornadoes were rated EF-4. Two tornadoes were rated EF-3, two EF-2, two EF-1, and three EF-0.

  • In addition to the damaging tornadoes, hail sizes reached at least 3" in diameter.

  • The NWS Norman Forecast Office did not evacuate or take shelter during May 24, 2011 tornado oubtreak. While safety and back-up plans were in place and could have been implemented had we felt an imminent threat, the forecast staff maintained their positions and warning operations continued uninterrupted.

  • The mesonet station located 5 miles west-northwest of El Reno in Canadian measured a wind gust of 151 mph and a 1-minute average wind speed of 115 mph. This was associated with one of the violent tornadoes that moved from near Binger to near Guthrie, OK. In addition to the incredible wind gust, the site also recorded a large and sudden drop in atmospheric pressure. This is the highest wind gust recorded by a Mesonet station, breaking the previous record of 113 mph set at the Lahoma (Major County, OK) site on August 17, 1994. Click here to see an image of the meteogram that shows the high wind gust (courtesy of the Oklahoma Mesonet). You can also click here for more information.

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