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Tornadoes by Intensity
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7 2 0 0 1 0 10
Date Time
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EF-Scale Killed Injured County Location
1 11/07/2011 1438-1513 17 500 EF4 0 0 Wilbarger TX/ Jackson/ Tillman 4.5 NE Fargo TX - 3 NNE Tipton

Tipton Tornado

This tornado touched down about 4.5 miles northeast of Fargo, TX in far northern Wilbarger County and then quickly moved northeast and crossed the Red River into far southeastern Jackson County in Oklahoma. No damage was reported in either of these counties. The tornado then moved northeast into Tillman County about 9 miles SSW of Tipton and intensified into a violent tornado. The most severe damage occurred at the Oklahoma State University Agronomy Research Station. The buildings at the site were demolished, with most of the debris thrown into the nearby fields. The trees surrounding the site were debarked and splintered. Other damage was to the Tipton Mesonet site that took a direct hit. The wind speed maxed out at 86.4 mph before the site was demolished by flying debris. The tornado lifted about 3 miles NNE of Tipton.

2 11/07/2011 1459 0.5 75 EF0 0 0 Tillman 3 S Tipton

Tipton Satellite Tornado

A satellite tornado was observed rotating around the EF4 tornado south of Tipton. No damage is known to have occurred from this tornado.

3 11/07/2011 1515-1527 6 400 EF0 0 0 Tillman/ Kiowa 2.5 WNW Manitou - 4 S Snyder

Manitou Tornado

Another large tornado developed west-northwest of Manitou, OK in Tillman County and moved north-northeast toward the Kiowa County border. The tornado crossed into Kiowa County just east of US Highway 183 at 3:26 PM CST. The tornado only briefly entered the Kiowa County before dissipating at 3:27 PM CST with no damage reported.

4 11/07/2011 1538 0.5 100 EF0 0 0 Kiowa 2.5 E Snyder

Snyder Tornado

This brief tornado occurred east of Snyder, north of US Highway 62. No known damage occurred with this tornado.

5 11/07/2011 1559-1618 13 500 EF0 0 0 Kiowa/ Comanche/ Kiowa 6 ENE Mountain Park - 1 ENE Saddle Mountain

Wichita Mountains Tornado

This tornado began just west of the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge in Kiowa County, then moved northeast into Comanche County and over the refuge. An elk was killed in the park, but little other damage occurred, despite the large size of the tornado. The tornado moved back into Kiowa County near Saddle Mountain. This large tornado continued into Kiowa County again and tornado dissipated about 1 mile east-northeast of the community of Saddle Mountain. No damage was reported in either portion of Kiowa County that the tornado traveled through.

6 11/07/2011 1619-1622 1.4 100 EF0 0 0 Kiowa 2 ENE - 3 ENE Saddle Mountain

Saddle Mountain Tornado #1

This brief tornado occurred east-northeast of Saddle Mountain. No known damage occurred with the tornado.

7 11/07/2011 1624-1626 0.5 100 EF0 0 0 Kiowa 4 NE Saddle Mountain

Saddle Mountain Tornado #2

This brief tornado occurred northeast of Saddle Mountain and just south of OK State Highway 19. No known damage occurred with the tornado.

8 11/07/2011 1640-1648 3 150 EF0 0 0 Caddo 8 SSE - 6 SE Carnegie

Carnegie Tornado

Several storm spotters observed a tornado southeast of Carnegie. This tornado moved about 3 miles to the northeast, but no reports of damage were received.

9 11/07/2011 1651-1717 13 400 EF1 0 0 Caddo 6 SW Fort Cobb - 2 SW Albert

Fort Cobb Tornado

Several storm spotters observed a tornado that moved 13 miles from southwest of Fort Cobb to Fort Cobb Lake to SW of Albert. This tornado was observed to be multiple vortex at times. Near the beginning of the tornado path, a barn and cattle pens were damaged. As the tornado approached Fort Cobb Lake, the Oklahoma Mesonet weather station just south of Fort Cobb Lake reported a wind gust of 91 mph at 5:08 pm CST before a large irrigation pivot from a nearby field knocked the instrument tower down.

10 11/07/2011 2247-2249 1.6 110 EF1 0 0 McClain 3 NE - 4.5 NE Blanchard

Blanchard Tornado

This tornado began northeast of Blanchard, paralleling U.S. Highway 62 on the north side. Most of the damage was confined to trees being snapped, with slightly more severe damage as the tornado crossed U.S. Highway 62, south of OK State Highway 9. A barn lost most of its roof, with other roof/siding/awning damage to a residence as well. The tornado lifted prior to reaching the H.E. Bailey spur of U.S. Interstate Highway 44.