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Video of First Lawton, OK Storm (~5:30pm CDT) (Courtesy of Jared Leighton and Scott Blair, NWS employees)
Video of Second Lawton, OK Storm (~6:50pm) (Marcus Diaz, Storm Chaser)



NWS Operations


Photos of Lawton Storms and Damage


Storm #1

These two photos from the first Lawton storm show a well-defined wall cloud at left, and a clear slot at right. Photos courtesy C. Schwarz.


Storm #2

The series of photos above show the second Lawton storm as it produced a brief tornado. The top image shows a rapidly rotating wall cloud.The bottom two images show a tornado becoming wrapped in rain and hail.Photos courtesy C. Schwarz.

These two images show the magnificent, yet ominous structure of a high precipitation supercell. Tennis ball to baseball sized hail was being reported at this time near Cache. Photos courtesy C. Schwarz.


Storm Damage


Flooding near Meers, OK