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Fast Facts

  • Seven tornadoes occurred in central Oklahoma during the late afternoon and evening hours of the 19th. These tornadoes were spawned from two supercell thunderstorms.

  • The Norman-Shawnee tornado was rated EF-4. This is the tornado that affected areas from the east side of Norman and Lake Thunderbird to Bethel Acres and Shawnee, OK in Cleveland and Pottawatomie Counties.

  • The Carney tornado was rated EF-3. The 20-mile path of the tornado went through parts of Oklahoma, Logan, and Lincoln Counties.

  • The tornado that affected areas near Prague was rated EF-2. The 7-mile path of the tornado went through parts of Pottawatomie and Lincoln Counties.

  • Two other tornadoes that affected parts of Oklahoma and Lincoln Counties were rated EF-1. The sixth and seventh tornadoes, which occurred near Arcadia in Oklahoma County, and southeast of Dale in Pottawatomie County, were rated EF-0.

  • An 8th tornado occurred in Oklahoma during the outbreak in Creek County near Shamrock, OK, and was rated EF-0.

  • Get more details about the May 19, 2013 tornadoes in this Public Information Statement which was issued at 4:06 PM CDT on May 22, 2013.

  • Very large hail was also reported in several locations, with some areas receiving hail at least to the size of teacups (3.0"), though it is likely that even larger hail fell in more localized areas.

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