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Flash Flooding Possible in the Southwest; Very Hot in the South and Northwest

Monsoonal activity will elevate the potential for flash flooding impacts especially in complex terrain, burn scars, and urban areas across much of the Southwest and Intermountain West along with the central and southern Rockies into next week. Very hot conditions cover much of the interior Northwest, south-central, and southeast portions of the CONUS into the weekend. Read More >


Preliminary Storm Reports on May 9, 2016 Compiled by the Storm Prediction Center


Preliminary Storm Reports on May 9, 2016 from NWS Norman


..TIME...   ...EVENT...      ...CITY LOCATION...     ...LAT.LON...
..DATE...   ....MAG....      ..COUNTY LOCATION..ST.. ...SOURCE....

0357 PM     HAIL             3 N ELMORE CITY         34.67N 97.40W 
05/09/2016  E1.75 INCH       GARVIN             OK   FIRE DEPT/RESCUE

0401 PM     HAIL             THACKERVILLE            33.79N 97.14W 
05/09/2016  E1.25 INCH       LOVE               OK   PUBLIC          


0404 PM     TORNADO          4 NNW HENNEPIN          34.56N 97.36W 
05/09/2016                   GARVIN             OK   BROADCAST MEDIA 

0410 PM     HAIL             2 E LAHOMA              36.39N 98.05W 
05/09/2016  E1.25 INCH       GARFIELD           OK   EMERGENCY MNGR  

0410 PM     HAIL             INGERSOLL               36.80N 98.39W 
05/09/2016  E1.25 INCH       ALFALFA            OK   STORM CHASER    

0420 PM     HAIL             3 SE NORMAN             35.19N 97.40W 
05/09/2016  E1.00 INCH       CLEVELAND          OK   NWS EMPLOYEE    

0420 PM     HAIL             1 SSW MOORE             35.33N 97.49W 
05/09/2016  E1.00 INCH       CLEVELAND          OK   LAW ENFORCEMENT 

0425 PM     HAIL             1 S EDMOND              35.64N 97.48W 
05/09/2016  E1.00 INCH       OKLAHOMA           OK   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0430 PM     HAIL             EDMOND                  35.65N 97.48W 
05/09/2016  E1.00 INCH       OKLAHOMA           OK   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0435 PM     HAIL             2 S WYNNEWOOD           34.61N 97.16W 
05/09/2016  E1.75 INCH       MURRAY             OK   STORM CHASER    

0438 PM     TORNADO          5 N DAVIS               34.57N 97.12W 
05/09/2016                   MURRAY             OK   STORM CHASER    

0505 PM     TSTM WND GST     4 NNE SULPHUR           34.56N 96.95W 
05/09/2016  M88 MPH          MURRAY             OK   MESONET         

0515 PM     TORNADO          1 N LAKE THUNDERBIRD    35.24N 97.23W 
05/09/2016                   CLEVELAND          OK   BROADCAST MEDIA 

0515 PM     HAIL             STELLA                  35.32N 97.22W 
05/09/2016  E1.75 INCH       CLEVELAND          OK   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0516 PM     HAIL             3 NW ORLANDO            36.18N 97.41W 
05/09/2016  E1.00 INCH       NOBLE              OK   EMERGENCY MNGR  

0521 PM     TORNADO          9 WSW BROMIDE           34.37N 96.64W 
05/09/2016                   JOHNSTON           OK   EMERGENCY MNGR  

0527 PM     HAIL             DURANT                  34.00N 96.39W 
05/09/2016  E1.75 INCH       BRYAN              OK   EMERGENCY MNGR  

0540 PM     HAIL             4 N WAPANUCKA           34.43N 96.42W 
05/09/2016  E4.00 INCH       COAL               OK   PUBLIC          

0550 PM     HAIL             3 W BLUE                34.00N 96.28W 
05/09/2016  E1.50 INCH       BRYAN              OK   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0552 PM     HAIL             BLUE                    34.00N 96.23W 
05/09/2016  E2.50 INCH       BRYAN              OK   PUBLIC          

0604 PM     HAIL             2 S LEHIGH              34.44N 96.22W 
05/09/2016  E2.00 INCH       COAL               OK   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0604 PM     FUNNEL CLOUD     3 S LEHIGH              34.43N 96.22W 
05/09/2016                   COAL               OK   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0605 PM     TORNADO          6 WNW ATOKA             34.42N 96.23W 
05/09/2016                   ATOKA              OK   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0605 PM     HAIL             2 WSW BOKCHITO          34.01N 96.17W 
05/09/2016  M3.00 INCH       BRYAN              OK   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0605 PM     TORNADO          3 NE LAKE MCMURTRY      36.19N 97.14W 
05/09/2016                   PAYNE              OK   BROADCAST MEDIA 

0609 PM     HAIL             4 SW LEHIGH             34.43N 96.27W 
05/09/2016  E2.75 INCH       COAL               OK   CO-OP OBSERVER  

0630 PM     TORNADO          3 SW STRINGTOWN         34.43N 96.09W 
05/09/2016                   ATOKA              OK   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0642 PM     HAIL             5 SSW RENFROW           36.86N 97.69W 
05/09/2016  E1.75 INCH       GRANT              OK   STORM CHASER    

0725 PM     HAIL             4 S BRAMAN              36.87N 97.33W 
05/09/2016  E1.00 INCH       KAY                OK   EMERGENCY MNGR  

0734 PM     HAIL             BLACKWELL               36.80N 97.28W 
05/09/2016  E2.00 INCH       KAY                OK   BROADCAST MEDIA 


0743 PM     HAIL             2 N BLACKWELL           36.83N 97.28W 
05/09/2016  E1.75 INCH       KAY                OK   EMERGENCY MNGR  

0804 PM     HAIL             NEWKIRK                 36.88N 97.06W 
05/09/2016  E1.50 INCH       KAY                OK   PUBLIC          

            RELAYED VIA MPING.