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I live outside WFO Norman's area of responsibility. Can I still request information from your office?


If the information concerns our forecast area, yes. Otherwise, we would prefer that you contact the NWS office that serves your area (see our map of NWS offices), or the area you are researching. This is especially true if you are requesting safety pamphlets or other national publications that are available from all NWS offices. Another source of information, nationwide, is the National Climatic Data Center. They can also be reached by phone or e-mail. See their contact page for more information.


I need my request answered fast. Can you get it to me by the end of the week?


Maybe. E-mail requests are checked most days, and often answered promptly. If your request requires research, then response time may be several days or even a couple of weeks. We do not have full-time e-mail response personnel, and other office duties take priority, which can result in significant delays.


I sent an e-mail requesting some information, and never got a reply. Why not?


Most of the time, it is because you entered an invalid e-mail address. We do not (yet) have the ability to warn you about that ahead of time. Occasionally, software or computer problems cause e-mails to be lost in transit. Regardless of the reason, if you have not received a response from us within a week or two, please contact us again. The only messages we normally do not reply to are spam, frivolous messages, "keep up the good work" messages, and thank-you replies.