National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce


How do I arrange for a tour of your office?


We are located in the National Weather Center (NWC), and tours are organized by the NWC. Please see the NWC tour information page for more information.


Is your office the same as the National Severe Storms Laboratory?


No. The NSSL office is also in the NWC, but is a different organization and has a different mission. Our mission is to issue forecasts and warnings for our forecast area, which covers parts of Oklahoma and Texas. The NSSL is a research center and works to further our knowledge of, and ability to predict, severe local storms.


Is your office the same as the Storm Prediction Center?


No. The SPC is adjacent to our office in the NWC, but has a different mission. Our office issues forecasts and warnings for much of Oklahoma and a small part of Texas. The SPC issues severe thunderstorm and tornado watches, plus various outlooks, for the entire country, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.


I tried to look up a term in your weather glossary, but it wasn't listed. What does it mean?


Our severe storm spotting glossary is dedicated to terms related to severe weather and storm spotting. Our neighbors at the NWS Tulsa office have a general-purpose weather glossary, and the NWS (national level) has similar glossary.


Where can I find sunrise/sunset information?


Sunrise/sunset (and moonrise/moonset) information is available from the U.S. Naval Observatory.