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Can I use the photos on your website for my own purposes?


If the photos are copyrighted (those photos are labeled as such), you will need to get written permission from the copyright holder. Otherwise, you can use the photo without express permission, provided that you give credit to the source of the picture, usually the National Weather Service.


Where can I get pictures of tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, etc.?


Our site has a few tornado and winter storm pictures in our Weather Events list. It includes major tornado and winter storm events in Oklahoma and north Texas. For a much larger collection of general weather photography, see the NOAA Photo Library.


I have a really cool photo of a weather event in your area. Do you want to post it on your site?


Please feel free to post it to your own ISP (Internet Service Provider), then send us a link. The Webmaster can make the decision whether to include it or not at that point. If you don't have an ISP, please try to make the image as small as possible, while still preserving the main subject(s), then e-mail it to us with your request for submission. Again, the Webmaster can then decide whether or not to display a larger version of the image.