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Heavy Snow Expected Today in the Intermountain West; Rainy in the Mid-South

A winter storm will continue to bring heavy snowfall and gusty winds to the Intermountain West and Northern Great Basin today. Strong winds will affect southern California as well. Elsewhere, showers and thunderstorms will produce heavy rainfall from the Mid Mississippi Valley into the Ohio Valley into early next week. The flooding threat will increase over the weekend. Read More >

County Codes
How to Program Your SAME Weather Radio Using FIPS Codes
To program your SAME Weather Radio, a six digit number is required. This number uses a zero (0), followed by the two digit state FIPS code and the three digit county FIPS code. For example, Oklahoma County (Oklahoma) would be 040109 ('0' + '40' for the state of Oklahoma + '109' for Oklahoma County). Wichita County (Texas) would be 048485 ('0' + '48' for the state of Texas + '485' for Wichita County). See the tables below for a complete list of codes for counties in the NWS Norman forecast area and in areas served by Weather Radio stations programmed by the NWS Norman.
County Info and FIPS Codes for Weather Radio Transmitters
Programmed by the Norman, OK Forecast Office
Counties Covered
County/State SAME Code
Clark, KS 020025
Cowley, KS 020035
Sumner, KS 020191
Alfalfa, OK 040003
Atoka, OK 040005
Beckham, OK 040009
Blaine, OK 040011
Bryan, OK 040013
Caddo, OK 040015
Canadian, OK 040017
Carter, OK 040019
Cleveland, OK 040027
Coal, OK 040029
Comanche, OK 040031
Cotton, OK 040033
Creek, OK 040037
Custer, OK 040039
Dewey, OK 040043
Ellis, OK 040045
Garfield, OK 040047
Garvin, OK 040049
Grady, OK 040051
Grant, OK 040053
Greer, OK 040055
Harmon, OK 040057
Harper, OK 040059
Hughes, OK 040063
Jackson, OK 040065
Jefferson, OK 040067
Johnston, OK 040069
Kay, OK 040071
Kingfisher, OK 040073
Kiowa, OK 040075
Lincoln, OK 040081
Logan, OK 040083
Love, OK 040085
Major, OK 040093
Marshall, OK 040095
McClain, OK 040087
Murray, OK 040099
Noble, OK 040103
Okfuskee, OK 040107
Oklahoma, OK 040109
Osage, OK 040113
Pawnee, OK 040117
Payne, OK 040119
Pontotoc, OK 040123
Pottawatomie, OK 040125
Roger Mills, OK 040129
Seminole, OK 040133
Stephens, OK 040137
Tillman, OK 040141
Washita, OK 040149
Woods, OK 040151
Woodward, OK 040153
Archer, TX 048009
Baylor, TX 048023
Clay, TX 048077
Foard, TX 048155
Knox, TX 048275
Hardeman, TX 048197
Wichita, TX 048485
Wilbarger, TX 048487