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Flash Flood Threats in the Northeast and Southeast; Excessive Heat in the Southwest

Heavy rain will lead to isolated flash flooding threats along coastal New England, and Florida today. Excessive heat will continue to impact the Southwest. Dry, gusty winds, and possible dry lightning will contribute to a critical fire weather threat today across the Interior Northwest. Scattered storms, some severe, are expected Saturday from the northern Plains toward the upper MS Valley. Read More >

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The Crescent/Mulhall/Perry Tornado

The third death near or under an overpass on May 3rd occurred near a bridge at mile marker 176.5 on Interstate 35 in rural Payne County, between Guthrie and Stillwater in north central Oklahoma. This fatality is listed as a traffic death in the official records because the man died while in his car. He was driving north on I-35 and stopped to seek shelter from the storm underneath the overpass, but remained in his car. When the tornado crossed the highway at the overpass location, his car became airborne and landed upside down on the embankment to the northeast of the overpass, killing the occupant. For purposes of this presentation, this death is counted as an "overpass fatality" because even though the driver was killed in his vehicle, he was seeking shelter from the storm by stopping underneath the overpass.

Here are descriptions of photos in the slide: Upper left is the 176.5 mile marker overpass bridge, looking south on I-35. The automobile was parked facing the camera under the bridge. Upper right is a picture looking at the construction of the bridge on the east side; again, notice there are no girders or support beams, only smooth concrete up the embankment and overhead. The bottom photo was taken during the damage survey on May 4th by Dave Zittel, showing the final resting place of the car about 30 yards from where it had been stopped beneath the overpass bridge.

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