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Dangerous Heat Wave for the West; Severe Storms and Heavy Rain for Midwest and Plains

Severe storms and heavy rains are likely in the Upper Midwest and Plains through this evening. A long duration heat wave will build across the West through next week with excessive heat watches/warnings in effect from the Southwest to Northwest. TS Josephine is forecast to pass well north of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands while TS Kyle is forecast to move quickly away from land this weekend. Read More >

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Misconception  of Tornadic Winds

One misconception is that the wind associated with a tornado is confined to within the visible funnel cloud. This might be analogous to thinking of the tornado as a vacuum cleaner hose hanging out of the sky. One possibility why many people think that being under an overpass offers protection is that with something above them, the bridge will prevent the wind from going ‘up’ underneath the overpass.

A description of the situation much closer to reality is presented in slide 14 and slide 5.

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