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Flash Flood Threats in the Northeast and Southeast; Excessive Heat in the Southwest

Heavy rain will lead to isolated flash flooding threats along coastal New England, and Florida today. Excessive heat will continue to impact the Southwest. Dry, gusty winds, and possible dry lightning will contribute to a critical fire weather threat today across the Interior Northwest. Scattered storms, some severe, are expected Saturday from the northern Plains toward the upper MS Valley. Read More >

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Credits and Acknowledgments

The authors would like to extended sincere gratitude to these organizations and people for their contributions and thoughtful suggestions during the preparation of this presentation:

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  2. KSNW – TV Channel 3, Wichita, KS. David Freeman - Chief Meteorologist.
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  4. The Oklahoma Climatological Survey – Norman OK
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  6. Gary McDevitt – Service Hydrologist - NWS Twin Cities/Chanhassen MN
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  9. Gayland Kitch – Emergency Manager - Moore OK
  10. Brian Hansen – Emergency Management – Moore OK
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  12. Lon Curtis – Waco TX
  13. Dave Zittel – NEXRAD Operational Support Facility – Norman OK
  14. Jeff Evans – Storm Prediction Center – Norman OK


  15. David Andra – Science and Operations Officer – NWS – Norman OK
  16. Dennis McCarthy – Meteorologist in Charge – NWS – Norman OK
  17. Liz Quoetone – NEXRAD Operational Support Facility – Norman OK
  18. Les Lemon – Research and Radar Meteorologist – Kansas City MO
  19. Estelle de Coning – South African Weather Bureau – Pretoria, South Africa
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