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System Shifts from the Deep South to the Southeast

The system producing rain, locally heavy, in the Deep South will spread potential for flooding and flash flooding into the Southeast. Wintry conditions on the north side of this storm will produce accumulating snow from the Appalachians to the southern Mid-Atlantic. Areas of snow will also continue across portions of the High Plains. Read More >


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Hazardous Weather Outlook
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Central OK Radar
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Oklahoma Mesonet: current observations from the Oklahoma Mesonet.
West Texas Mesonet: current observations from the West Texas Mesonet in the Texas Panhandle.
Upper Air Maps: 12z and 00z upper air maps (SPC).
Upper Air Soundings: Upper air soundings, typically released at 12z and 00z (SPC).
SPC Mesoanalysis: A variety of atmospheric variables computed for every hour. It is usually updated by 25 to 30 minutes after the top of the hour.
Regional Surface Map: A surface map analyzed by the HPC every 3 hours for the Southern Plains.
National Surface Map: A surface map analyzed by the HPC every 3 hours for the Continental US.
Surface and Radar Map: A surface map analyzed by the HPC, with radar overlayed, for the Continental US.


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12hr Forecast
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Learn About Forecasting: educational information available about forecasting from "JetStream", the National Weather Service's online weather school.
RAP Real-Time Weather Data: A resource with lots of current and forecast weather data.
Numerical Models: National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) computer forecasting models.
Model Output Statistics: tabular and graphical depiction of model forecasts for the United States.
Short Range Ensemble: the SREF (short range ensemble forecast) courtesy of the Storm Prediction Center. Some severe weather parameters are included.
National Forecasts: the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (HPC) issues forecast surface maps and precipitation forecasts for the US.