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Zeta Heading Toward the Gulf Coast; Snow and Ice Across the Southern Rockies & High Plains

Zeta is forecast to bring hurricane conditions, life-threatening storm surge, and heavy rainfall to portions of the northern Gulf Coast by late Wednesday. Meanwhile, areas of snow, sleet, and freezing rain will continue from the southern Rockies into the southern High Plains. Farther west, critical fire weather conditions are expected to persist over parts of California and the Southwest U.S. Read More >

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October 1995 Storm Data

OKLAHOMA, Western, Central, and Southeastern (OKC) OKZ004>053                                                October, 1995
Beckham County,                   02    0550CST                   0      0                  Hail (0.88)
Harmon County,                    02    0625CST                   0      0                  TSTM Wind (69)
  5 E Hollis (OK Mesonet)         
Hughes County,                      02    0650CST                   0      0                  Hail (0.88)
  1 SW Atwood                     
Jackson County,                   02    0650CST-                  0      0                  TSTM Wind (54)
  3 S Altus (OK Mesonet)          02    0700CST
Hughes County,                    02    0710CST                   0      0                  Hail (0.75)
  5 WSW Lamar                     
Caddo County,                     02    0732CST                   0      0                  Hail (0.88)
Logan County,                     02    0800CST                   0      0                  Hail (0.75)
  Cimarron City                   
Cleveland County,                 02    0839CST                   0      0     3            Lightning
                                  Morning thunderstorms produced hail as large as nickels in Erick in Beckham County, 1 mile
                                  southwest of Atwood in Hughes County, and in Cement in Caddo County.  Severe thunderstorm
                                  winds reached 79 mph at the Oklahoma Mesonet site 5 miles east of Hollis in Harmon County.
                                  In Moore in Cleveland County, lightning struck the steeple of a church at 21st Street and
                                  Janeway, igniting a fire.  The fire was extinguished by the fire department and damage was
                                  limited mainly to one room and some smoke damage. 
Bryan County,                     02    1150CST                   0      0     3            TSTM Wind
Pushmataha County,                02    1315CST                   0      0                  Hail (0.88)
  8 NE Moyers                     
                                  Mid-day severe thunderstorms in southeast Oklahoma produced hail as large as nickels 8
                                  miles east of Moyers in Pushmataha County.  In Calera in Bryan County, severe thunderstorm
                                  winds uprooted a 2-foot pecan tree and blew it over onto a car and storage shed.   
Seminole County,                  25    0550CST                   0      0                  Hail (1.00)
Pontotoc County,                  25    0600CST                   0      0                  Lightning
  2 SE Ada
                                  Dime to Nickel sized hail covered the ground in Seminole in Seminole County, with some
                                  hailstones reaching the size of quarters.  
                                  In Pontotoc County a woman was struck by lightning while driving on SH 3 2 miles southeast
                                  of Ada.  The lightning melted the antenna rod and put a large dent in the roof.  The woman
                                  reported feeling only a sore throat and slight headache after the incident.  
TEXAS, North (OKC) TXZ083>090                                                                                October 1995
Hardeman County,                  02    0700CST                   0      0                  TSTM Wind (52)
Knox County,                      02    0759CST                   0      0                  Hail (0.88)
                                  Morning thunderstorms produced hail as large as nickels in Gilliland in Knox County and
                                  severe thunderstorm winds up to 60 mph in Quanah in Hardeman County.