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Southwest Monsoon Flooding

Monsoonal conditions in the Southwest will lead to threats of flash flooding through the weekend. Severe thunderstorms will be possible through Friday night in the northern tier of the country and Saturday afternoon in the vicinity of the Southern Great Lakes. Warm conditions have prompted Heat Advisories for portions of the Midwest and ArkLaMiss this weekend. Read More >

Hydrology/Hidrológico Climate/Clima Emergency/Emergencias Routine Products/Productos Rutinarios
Tropical/Tropical Aviation/Aviación Sounding Data/Data del Globo Earthquake/Terremotos & Tsunami
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Text products issued by NWS San Juan. Please verify the valid time of each product.                                                               Productos en texto emitidos por el NWS San Juan. Favor verificar la fecha válida para cada producto.


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hydro  Hydrology/Hidrológico
English/Ingles Spanish/Español (if available/si disponible)
Advertencia/Comunicado sobre Inundaciones
Drought Information Statement  


 Hazardous Weather/Condiciones Peligrosas
English/Ingles Spanish/Español (if available/si disponible)
Special Weather Statement Comunicado Especial sobre las Condiciones del tiempo
Severe Thunderstorm Warning Aviso de Tormentas Eléctricas Severas
Severe Weather Statement Comunicado sobre Condiciones Severas del Tiempo
Tornado Warning Aviso de Tornado
Coastal Hazard Message: Coastal Flooding/High Surf Mensaje sobre Peligros Costeros: Inundaciones Costeras/Resacas Fuertes
Hazardous Weather Outlook Perspetivas sobre Condiciones del Tiempo Peligrosas


English/Ingles Spanish/Español (if available/si disponible)
Coastal Waters Forecast Pronosticos para las Aguas Costeras
Marine Weather Statement Comunicado sobre las Condiciones Maritimas
Special Marine Warning Aviso Maritimo Especial
Coastal Hazard Message: Coastal Flooding/High Surf Mensaje sobre Peligros Costeros: Inudaciones Costeras/Resacas Fuertes
Marine Weather Message Mensaje Maritimo del Tiempo
Surf Zone Forecast

Pronóstico de las Condiciones en la Playa


 Routine Products/Productos Rutinarios
English/Ingles Spanish/Español (if available/si disponible)
Public Information Statement Comunicado sobre Informacion Publica
Regional Weather Summary for PR, Vieques and Culebra Resumen de las Condiciones del Tiempo Regional
Regional Weather Summary for the USVI  
Zone Forecast Product Pronostico de Zonas
Short Term Forecast Pronostico a Corto Plazo
Area Forecast Discussion  
Area Forecast Matrices  
Point Forecast Matrices  
Regional Temperature Product  
Regional Weather Roundup  
Tabular State Forecast  
NEXRAD Radar Outage Notification  
Terminal Doppler at Punta Salinas Radar Outage Notification  


NWS San Juan Tropical Page Hurricane Threat and Impacts (HTI)
National Hurricane Center Post Storm Hurricane Report
English/Ingles Spanish/Español (if available/si disponible)
Hurricane/Tropical Storm Local Statement Comunicado Local sobre Huracan/Tormenta


Climate for San Juan
Climatological Report (Daily)  
Record Report Reporte de Marca Establecida
Preliminary Local Climatology Data  
Climatological Report (Monthly/Annual)  
Climate for St Croix Climate for St Thomas
Climatological Report (Daily) St Croix Climatological Report (Daily) - St Thomas
Record Report - St Croix Record Report - St Thomas
Preliminary Local Climatology Data - St Croix Preliminary Local Climatology Data - St Thomas
Climatological Report (Monthly/Annual) - St Croix Climatological Report (Monthly/Annual) - St Thomas


Surface Observations from Airports TAFs
Surface Observation San Juan Terminal Aerodrome Forecast San Juan
Surface Observation Aguadilla Terminal Aerodrome Forecast Aguadilla
Surface Observation Mayaguez Terminal Aerodrome Forecast Mayaguez
Surface Observation Ponce Terminal Aerodrome Forecast Ponce
Surface Observation Ceiba not available
Surface Observation - St Croix Terminal Aerodrome Forecast - St Croix
Surface Observation - St Thomas Terminal Aerodrome Forecast - St Thomas
Surface Observation-St Kitts and Nevis Terminal Aerodrome Forecast - St Kitts and Nevis
Surface Observation-St Maarten, Netherlands Terminal Aerodrome Forecast - St Maarten, Netherlands Antilles


NWS San Juan's Main Fire Weather Page Routine Fire Weather Planning Forecast
Spot Forecast Request Spot Forecast Product (based on request)

Fire Weather Watch or Red Flag Warning /Vigilancia de Riesgo de Incendios o Aviso de Bandera Roja (Aviso de Riesgo Elevado de Incendios)

Fire Danger Statement /Comunicado de Riesgo de Incendios


 Sounding Data/Data del Globo
Freezing Level Data (RADAT) Rawinsonde Data - Mandatory Levels
Rawinsonde Data - Significant Levels Rawinsonde Data - Above 100 Millibars



English/Ingles Spanish/Español (if available/si disponible)
Child Abduction Emergency Emergencia sobre secuestro de Ninos
Civil Danger Message Mensaje de Peligro Civil
Civil Emergency Message Mensaje de Emergencia Civil
Local Area Emergency  
Law Enforcement Warning  
Air Stagnation Advisory  
Air Quality Alert  
EAS Activation Request  
Coast Guard Surface Report  



  Earthquake & Tsunami/Terremotos & Tsunamis
English/Ingles Spanish/Español (if available/si disponible)
Special Weather Statement with Local Info Comunicado Especial con Informacion Local
Earthquake Report Reporte Sismico
Tsunami Watch/Warning Vigilancia/Aviso de Tsunami
Tsunami Information Statement Boletin Informativo sobre Tsunami (Experimental)






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