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Anywhere/Anytime Weather Forecasts

Try out the experimental forecast widget for your smartphone/laptop...

Takes you to

To add the widget to your mobile device...

iOS: In Safari, click the "add to home screen" link and it will place an icon on your device.
Android: Choose which homescreen view you want the icon to appear on before creating the shortcut. Then save page as a bookmark to "create a shortcut to homescreen" for the icon to appear.

You can now receive your weather forecast from the National Weather Service anywhere/anytime using your wireless device. All you need is a wireless device that can surf the Internet along with a wireless Internet service provider. Read the full Service Description Document about this experimental service.

You can use either of the following URL's to access your complete weather forecast:

What kind of weather information can I receive?

Once you enter your "City, St" or zip code, you will receive your current weather information and links to the following...

  • Forecast-at-a-Glance - a quick word or two describing the weather and a forecast temperature for the next 36 hours.
  • Detailed forecast - The complete forecast text issued by the local NWS weather office for the next seven days.
  • Doppler Radar Image - This is the same image available you are used to seeing from our website, just transformed into the best possible image that your wireless device can display.2

Tell us what you think! You can help NWS make this service better by taking this survey and providing your feedback and suggestions.

Note: Your reception is subject to your wireless provider's area of coverage.