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Sources of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Information  

Tropical cyclone products issued by the National Hurricane Center (NHC) are located on the NHC website at  Complete advisories are always issued every six hours for an active storm at these times:  5a, 11a, 5p and 11p EDT. 

Automatic alerts are available directly from NHC when a new tropical cyclone advisory is issued by following NHC on Twitter @NHC_Atlantic and @NHC_Pacific .  (See the Twitter entry at for a link to instructions for how to set up SMS alerts from our Twitter feed.)  Additional sources of both email and texts alerts are identified at


Information Specific to Mariners

DISCLAIMER: NWS does not endorse the services or providers listed on this page.  Information presented below is believed to be correct at the time of posting. Any fee or payment required for service is the responsibility of the consumer. The NWS recommends using multiple sources of information to validate the information that is received.
If you are a provider of a weather alerting service which specifically meet the needs of mariners and want your service included below, please contact  


NOTE:  Unless otherwise indicated, all links below take you outside this federal government website.  You way wish to review the privacy notices on these sites as their practices may differ from ours.


Options which provide low bandwidth email delivery of weather information include email listservers (e.g., University of Illinois Listserver, ACEMWIN-HURR-L Hurricane Bulletins Listgroup), SAILDOCS, and FTPMAIL which are all documented at and

Listservers works well for low-bandwidth delivery of hurricane information. The SAILDOCS subscription only lasts 2 weeks before requiring renewal and FTPMAIL requires a request each time.  Both SAILDOCS and FTPMAIL also require management (i.e., specific requests) to get desired products (e.g., TCMs, etc.) for only active storms.

For convenience, the directions for obtaining Atlantic Outlooks and Tropical Cyclone Forecast/Advisories (TCM) via the Illinois Listserver are provided below.  For more complete directions and available products see  (for the Pacific, WX-TROPL vs. WX-ATLAN is used).

1)  Sign up for the service

Subject: Blank
Body: sub wx-atlan Firstname Lastname

** After you send this email, you will receive an email back with a confirmation number.

2)  Confirm your request

Subject: Blank
Body: ok 1652D971  (where 1652D971 is the actual confirmation number as

3)  Sign up for TWO's and TCM's
Subject: Blank

4) To signoff
Subject: Blank
Body: signoff wx-atlan