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Tropical Depression Bertha Lifting North; Isolated Severe Across Southern U.S.; Heat Continues In West

Tropical Depression Bertha continues to weaken and lift north toward the central Appalachians and eastern Ohio Valley. Heavy rain, gusty winds and flooding are likely. Meanwhile, isolated severe thunderstorms are possible on Thursday from the Southeast to south-central High Plains. Finally, the ongoing heat wave continues in the West and will expand into the Rockies by the weekend. Read More >


WMO Abbreviated Heading Decoder

In the meteorological community, data is exchanged and distributed in a meteorological bulletin. Bulletins are distributed based on a communications identifier called an abbreviated heading. Abbreviated headings have the form T1T2 A1A2ii CCCC. The information encoded in a heading may identify the type of data found in the bulletin, the WMO code form used to represent the data, the geographical region which the data refers to, and/or the distribution which the data is to be given.

This page provides a means to extract the information encoded in the WMO Abbreviated Heading and display it in plain text. The decoded information is based on the most recent version of the WMO Manual on the Global Telecommunication System - No. 386.

WMO Abbreviated Heading (TTAAii CCCC):