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Monsoon and Heavy Rain This Weekend

The active monsoon is expected to continue into next week from the Four Corners region and Desert Southwest to the central Rockies. This rainfall may produce flash flooding and debris flows, especially near recent burn scar areas. Locally heavy rain is likely near much of the Gulf Coast this weekend due to a stalled front and weak tropical disturbance. Read More >

This page will estimate the worst/most significant value from various MOS and BUFKIT data (selectable) for the selected station. This will include the observations (:53 previous hour to :52 indicated hour) if selected (added May 2022). The background color corresponds to the worst/most significant value, with the top/bottom border corresponding to each model. The ceiling and cloud base, along with wind speed and gust, may not match logically since each parameter is not necessarily available for each model. The wind direction, speed, and gust are for the surface, and the wind direction corresponds to the strongest wind speed. The Low-Level Wind is the highest BUFKIT speed below 5000ft AGL. Lowest Freezing Level is ft AGL. The temperature uses the average of the available models. Precip Type is based on the MOS precip types (most likely value and separate>35%) and the BUFKIT precip types (separate values). For MOS ranges of values, the worst/most significant value in the range is used. Hovering over boxes will display model data. Note that not all models have data available for all parameters and times. Selecting 60 hours will enable horizontal scrolling of the table. This is only meant as a quick check for situational awareness and not to replace the various model data.

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