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Weather Acronyms: D's

D-MAWDS Digital Marine Weather Dissemination System
DABRK Daybreak
DALGT Day light
DAMBRK The Dam Break Forecasting Model
DAPM The Data Acquisition Program Manager
DATACOL The Software System that supports RFC gateway functions
DATANET Hydrologic Data Network Analysis Software
dB decibels
DBL Double
dBm A logarithmic expression for power. See decibel.
dBZ A logarithmic expression for reflectivity factor. See decibel.
DC District of Columbia
DCP Data Collection Platform
DCR Decrease
DCRD Decreased
DCRG Decreasing
DCRGLY Decreasingly
DCRS Decreases
DCS Data Collection System
DDS Data Distribution System.
DE Delaware
DEC December
DEG Degree
DEGS Degrees
DELMARVA Delaware-Maryland-Virginia
DEP Depart or departure
DES Descend or descending to
DEV Deviation or deviating
DFCLT Difficult
DFCLTY Difficulty
DFNT Definite
DFNTLY Definitely
DFRS Differs
DFUS Diffuse
DGNL Diagonal
DGNLLY Diagonally
DIF Diffuse
DIGG Digging
DIR Direction
DISC Discontinue
DISCD Discontinued
DISCG Discontinuing
DISRE Disregard
DISRED Disregarded
DISREG Disregarding
DIST Distance
DIV Divert or diverting
DKTS Dakota's
DLA Delay or delayed
DLAD Delayed
DLT Delete
DLTD Deleted
DLTG Deleting
DLY Daily
DMG Damage
DMGD Damaged
DMGG Damaging
DMNT Dominant
DMSH Diminish
DMSHD Diminished
DMSHG Diminishing
DMSHS Diminishes
DNDFTS Downdrafts
DNR Department of Natural Resources.
DNS Dense
DNSLP Downslope
DNSTRM Downstream
DNWND Down wind
DOH Development and Operations Hydrologist
DOM Domestic
DP Dew point temperature or Deep
DPND Deepened
DPNG Deepening
DPNS Deepens
DPR Deeper
DPTH Depth
DR... Low drifting (followed by DU = dust, SA = sand or SN = snow)
DRFT Drift
DRFTD Drifted
DRFTG Drifting
DRFTS Drifts
DRG During
DRZL Drizzle
DS Dust Storm
DSA Special Tropical Disturbance Statement
DSCNT Descent
DSF Day-Second Feet
DSIPT Dissipate
DSIPTD Dissipated
DSIPTG Dissipating
DSIPTN Dissipation
DSIPTS Dissipates
DSND Descend
DSNDG Descending
DSNDS Descends
DSNT Distant
DSTBLZ Destabilize
DSTBLZD Destabilized
DSTBLZG Destabilizing
DSTBLZN Destabilization
DSTBLZS Destabilizes
DSTC Distance
DTG Date-time group
DTRT Deteriorate or deteriorating
DTRTD Deteriorated
DTRTG Deteriorating
DTRTS Deteriorates
DU Dust
DUC Dense upper cloud
DUR Duration
DURG During
DURN Duration
DVLP Develop
DVLPD Developed
DVLPG Developing
DVLPMT Development
DVLPS Develops
DVRG Diverge
DVRGG Diverging
DVRGNC Divergence
DVRGS Diverges
DVV Downward vertical velocity
DWNDFTS Downdrafts
DWOPER Dynamic Wave Routing Model
DWPNT Dew point
DWPNTS Dew points
DX Duplex
DZ Drizzle