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Weather Acronyms: O's

OAC Oceanic area control center
OAT Outside Air Temperature OBND
OBS Observe or observe or observation
OBSC Obscure or obscured or obscuring
OBSCD Obscured
OBSCG Obscuring
OBST Obstacle
OCFNT Occluded front
OCLD Occlude
OCLDD Occluded
OCLDG Occluding
OCLDS Occludes
OCLN Occlusion
OCNL Occasional or occasionally
OCNLY Occasionally
OCR Occur
OCRD Occurred
OCRG Occurring
OCRS Occurs
OCT October
OFC Office
OFF Offshore Forecast
OFP Occluded frontal passage
OFSHR Offshore
OH Ohio or Office of Hydrology, located in Silver Spring, MD.
OHD Overhead
OHP One-Hour Rainfall Rate
OK Oklahoma
OML Operations Manual Letter
OMTNS Over mountains
ONSHR Onshore
OPA Opaque, white type of ice formation
OPMET Operational meteorological (information)
OPN Open or opening or opened
OPR Operator or operate or operative or operating or operational
OPS Operations
OR Oregon
ORGPHC Orographic
ORIG Original
OSV Ocean station vessel
OTLK Outlook
OTP On top
OTR Other
OTRW Otherwise
OUBD Outbound
OUTFLO Outflow
OVC Overcast
OVNGT Overnight
OVR Over
OVRN Overrun
OVRNG Overrunning
OVTK Overtake
OVTKG Overtaking
OVTKS Overtakes