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Below are various resources from across the Weather Enterprise including links to commercial, academic, and governmental products and services. These lists contain the providers/services that we know.  If you are a provider of a weather, water, or climate alerting service and want your service added to the lists below, please contact us at: (this email address is not for subscribing to NWS alerts.)

DISCLAIMER: NWS does not endorse the services or providers listed. Information presented is believed to be correct at the time of posting. Any fee or payment required for service is the responsibility of the consumer. The NWS recommends using multiple sources of information to validate the information that is received.

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Aerospace and Marine International   marine $ Global/national-scale Users can receive assistance in voyage operations and routing, including weather and sea conditions. Forecasts are available for the voyage itself and for offshore locations. In addition, severe tropical weather advisories are available.   
Athenium Analytics Atlas API General $ Global/national-scale The meteorology team at Athenium Analytics has developed a proprietary database of historic and forecast global weather data for our enterprise API. We cleanse, normalize and interpolate data from thousands of sources to provide weather data with resolutions ranging from 1km to 35km worldwide. Our Atlas API features 250+ climate and meteorological variables spanning back to 1979, leveraging both NOAA numerical models and our own proprietary models, for rich data sets across 196 countries. Atlas data is available on-demand via our API or web-based Atlas dashboard.  
Degree API degree days $ Global/national-scale Degree also offers an API that allows users to automate data gathering from the system.  
Earth Networks   general $ Global/national-scale Earth Networks operates the world’s most comprehensive weather networks including hyperlocal real-time observations, lightning detection and trace gas monitoring that helps schools, government agencies and companies with weather intelligence data to help automate decision-making and optimize operations. Operating in over 90 countries, Earth Networks provides customers with services such as weather monitoring, alerting and visualization, real-time lightning detection, and severe weather analytics. More information at  
F5 Weather   general $ Global/national-scale Software package options are available that give users access to weather forecast model data, specialized calculated maps, and more.  
HailStrike HailStrike hail $ Global/national-scale Users can anticipate liabilities by examining past hail damage data in their area, as well as track current storms and hail paths, with live reports for tornados, high wind, and hail from spotters.  
HailStrike AniSwath hail $ Global/national-scale Users can see colorized, animated maps that replay storm activity over a certain area based on detailed, verified information.  Intensity of hail and duration of a storm can be analyzed.  
Hurricane Mapping   tropical $ Global/national-scale Hurricane Mapping provides live hurricane, tropical storm, and typhoon tracking data for users of Google Earth and ESRI's ArcGIS mapping programs. Available datasets have many advanced map layers to help analyze storm threats, and maps can be easily prepared using presentation-ready symbology and labeling. Hurricane Mapping is also integrated with 3rd-party software such as Visual Command Center and Weather Defender.  
Marta Systems, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale Marta Systems, Inc. offers a subscription to weather data via their meteorological software suite. They also offer a HTML5 based weather web application, as well as access to other web servers.  Also available are two types of remote sensing ground stations that are compatible with their software suite.  
MDA Information Systems, LLC   general $ Global/national-scale MDA Information Systems provides information solutions to government and commercial customers in four speciality areas.  These include Geospatial Solutions, ISR, Weather Services, and Sensor Systems Technologies.   
MeteoStar   general $ Global/national-scale MeteoStar is involved in environmental analysis, display, and integration/distribution systems. Their products provide solutions for the meteorological, aviation, hydrology, emergency management, and power/utility communities.   
MeteoStar LEADS general $ Global/national-scale LEADS stands for Leading Environmental Analysis & Display System, and it is a weather toolkit that allows users to ingest, integrate, process, store, and visualize virtually any type of meteorological/environmental data. It also has a companion known as LEADS On-Line that offers up-to-date weather forecasting tools and datasets.  
MeteoStar LEADS EMS general $ Global/national-scale The LEADS Environmental Monitoring System is a commercial system that collects, integrates, and processes meteorological, air quality, and water quality data. It is also capable of alerting and data visualization.  
NetApp   general $ Global/national scale NetApp delivers the data management solutions that help you unleash the full potential of your data.  
PC Weather Products   tropical $ Global/national-scale PC Weather Products offers a variety of professional hurricane analysis and tracking software options that give users graphical and reporting tools to aid in making preparation decisions. Some of these options offer storm alerts as well.  For users who don't want to run a software application, custom hurricane and storm information can be delivered via email and their website. Also available are location risk analysis reports for businesses at risk of wind and storm surge.  
Remote Systems Integration   aviation $ Global/national-scale RSI provides airfield nativation, weather, and communications systems installation and maintenance for secondary and General Aviation airfields. Their other option, RSINet, is an FAA certified network that provides FAA and NWS (NADIN) data connectivity for non-federally operated airfields.   
Sonalysts   aviation $ Global/national-scale Sonalysts offers a software called wXstation, with an integrated desktop application version called Dispatch Weather Client.  wXstation is built primarily for aviation meteorologists and airline dispatchers, and includes customizable data and forecast options.  
Speedwell Weather   general $ Global/national-scale Speedwell Weather offers historical and real-time data, forecasts, software, and consultancy for clients in sectors such as weather risk, energy, and agriculture. Other services include meteorological settlement data and weather station installation.  
StatWeather   general $ Global/national-scale StatWeather offers short, long, and extended range temperature forecasts, whose data can be accessed by logging into the webpage or through software. 1-15 day precipitation forecasts and maps are available as well.   
Swift Weather   general $ Global/national-scale Swift Weather offers users access to custom weather graphics and weather & GIS data. Another option is Weather Defender, a product that provides public safety agencies, utilities, contractors, and other organizations with weather data, tracking systems, and alerts to minimize risk and maximize preparedness.  Citizens can also take part with the residential edition of Weather Defender.  
Weather Decisions Technology Frontier general $ Global/national-scale Frontier provides historical weather data, as well as current forecasts, primarily for the energy trading industry.  A variety of packages are available.  
Weather Decisions Technology RadarScope radar $ Global/national-scale RadarScope allows users to view radial NEXRAD radar data. Lightning and hail products are available with certain packages.