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Below are various resources from across the Weather Enterprise including links to commercial, academic, and governmental products and services. These lists contain the providers/services that we know.  If you are a provider of a weather, water, or climate alerting service and want your service added to the lists below, please contact us at: (this email address is not for subscribing to NWS alerts.)

DISCLAIMER: NWS does not endorse the services or providers listed. Information presented is believed to be correct at the time of posting. Any fee or payment required for service is the responsibility of the consumer. The NWS recommends using multiple sources of information to validate the information that is received.

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Company listings are in alphabetical order.
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Aerospace and Marine International   marine $ Global/national-scale Users can receive assistance in voyage operations and routing, including weather and sea conditions. Forecasts are available for the voyage itself and for offshore locations. In addition, severe tropical weather advisories are available.   
Blue Skies Meteorological Services   general $ Global/national scale Blue Skies Meteorological Services is a full-service weather and climate consulting company based in Gainesville, FL. We are dedicated to rigorous meteorological and climatological analyses, responsive and personal service, creating customized products that meet each client’s unique needs, and presenting complex weather and climate topics in a clear, compelling, and accessible manner.  
Climaverse, LLC   general $ Global/national scale and Regional/local scale services Climaverse is a weather consulting firm specializing in services ranging from certified weather reporting for the insurance and legal communities to in-depth business intelligence and translation of weather data for any-sized businesses. Areas of expertise include aviation and marine weather, including translation of complex weather data into business intelligence and reporting.  
DBS Weather Impact Corporation   general / tropical $ Global/national-scale DBS Weather Impact Corporation offers forensic services that include specialized services for the insurance industry. Risk analysis and meteorological consulting are available for weather sensitive industries.  DBS also produces a Hurricane Guide as a reference tool for your customers and clients.  
Forensic Weather Consultants   general $ Global/national-scale Forensic Weather Consultants is one of the largest and most reliable weather expert firms in the country. We provide past weather information, meteorological analyses, and written reports for insurance claims, lawsuits, and disputes nationwide. Our work research is very detailed and site-specific. We work as experts on Slip and Fall on Snow/Ice claims, Hail claims, Hurricane wind (or wind vs. storm surge) cases, Wind damage claims, flooding cases, Motor Vehicle Accidents, and most other types of weather-related cases. Our team consists of at least six Certified Consulting Meteorologists, Forensic Meteorologists, data and Computer Modeling experts. Over the past 23 years we've worked on more than 7,300 claims, testified in court more than 115 times, and have been deposed in around 100 depositions. We also provide detailed weather forecasts for corporations whose assets are sensitive to various weather conditions and impacts.  
Locus Weather   general $ Global/national-scale Locus Weather provides custom weather forecasts, including those for ocean voyages, yacht races, and for general marine use. Also available are forecasts for radio and TV.  They offer past weather research and analysis and expert testimony.  Also available are weather seminars and courses.  
Lanier Law Firm     Free Global/national-scale A maritime safety guide on how to increase safety for maritime workers.  
Ocean Weather Services   Marine $ Global/national-scale Provides forensic marine weather analysis reports for Admiralty Lawyers and Marine Insurers. In addition, Ocean Weather Services provide accurate ocean storm and hurricane tracking services as well as global ocean weather routing services to the maritime industry.  
Oceanweather RESEARCH  marine FREE / $ Global/national scale Oceanweather does basic and applied research in marine meteorology and ocean response numerical modeling.  They also operational forecasting of ocean wind and waves. Current marine data is available to users for free on the webpage.   
Monarch Weather Consulting   general $ Global/national-scale Monarch Weather Consulting, a woman-owned small business, provides an array of weather and climate products from forensic services to custom weather solutions.  
Shade Tree Meteorology   general $ Global/national scale Shade Tree Meteorology provides custom weather services to clients, including reconstruction of past weather events, observations for unfolding weather events, and forecasts for future weather events. Also available are weather emergency plans, severe weather risk assessments, and teacher workshops and seminars.  
Weather Research Center   tropical FREE / $ Global/national-scale Weather Research Center offers hurricane outlooks, as well as marine and tropical weather data and forecasts on their webpage. They also have consulting and forensic services.  
WeatherTiger WeatherTiger forensic meteorology general/
$ Global/national-scale WeatherTiger provides meteorological consultation to government agencies and leading law firms, advising our clients on complex and high-profile weather cases in Florida and across the country. We have extensive experience working one-on-one with law offices, consumers, and insurers in all aspects of forensic meteorology, and our PhD researchers have access to superior data sources and analysis techniques. We specialize in hurricane- and severe weather-related expert report preparation.