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Below are various resources from across the Weather Enterprise including links to commercial, academic, and governmental products and services. These lists contain the providers/services that we know. If you are a provider of a weather, water, or climate alerting service and want your service added to the lists below, please contact us at: (this email address is not for subscribing to NWS alerts.)

DISCLAIMER: NWS does not endorse the services or providers listed. Information presented is believed to be correct at the time of posting. Any fee or payment required for service is the responsibility of the consumer. The NWS recommends using multiple sources of information to validate the information that is received.

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Company listings are in alphabetical order. Global/national-level products are followed by regional/local-scale products.

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AccuWeather   general FREE Global/national scale Subscribe to daily weather forecasts and severe weather watches and warnings via email for free.   
AerisWeather   general $ Global/national-scale AerisWeather powers applications for weather-sensitive businesses, providing product managers, developers & data scientists around the globe unique data points they need for success. Companies taking advantage of the AerisWeather Mapping Platform and Weather API build cutting-edge applications that both generate new revenues and allow businesses to operate more safely and efficiently  
Aerocomp   general $ Global/national-scale Aerocomp is a science and engineering firm that assesses needs and suggests solutions, with a focus on the environment. They have many areas of expertise, a few of which include environmental assessments, hydrology, and meteorology.  In terms of meteorology, a few services offered by Aerocomp include installation and software for weather stations, as well as climatological studies.    
Air Science Consultants, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale Air Science Consultants, inc. provides weather forecasting and environmental consulting. Services are offered to industries such as agriculture, construction, forestry, trucking and shipping, and more. Forensic weather information and expert testimony is also available.  
Air, Weather, and Sea Conditions, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale Air, Weather, and Sea Conditions, Inc. provides meteorological consulting in the areas of legal and expert witness support, government, industry, and defense, homeland security and emergency response, and renewable energy applications.  
Altostratus   general $ Global/national-scale Altostratus specializes in high-resolution urban atmospheric modeling, site-specific forecasts for various industries/applications, and weather files.  
Anything Weather   general $ Global/national-scale Some examples of alerts available through AnythingWeather include iStrike lightning alerts, weather variable condition alerts, and watches and warnings from the NWS.  Operational forecasts are available for clients needing decision support.   
Anything Weather   general $ Global/national-scale AnythingWeather helps businesses to use weather data to operate more effectively.  Areas in which custom solutions are available include agriculture and turf management, energy and mining, resorts and outdoor activities, etc.  
Associated Science Experts   general $ Global/national-scale The Associated Science Experts offer forensic discovery and expert witness testimony, environmental solutions and data, as well as instrumentation sales and experience in a broad area of research.   
AtmosForecast   general $ Global/national-scale AtmosForecast offers customized weather forecasts to a variety of industries, as well as climate research and forensic analyses for legal and insurance sectors.  
Atmospheric and Environmental Research   general $ Global/national-scale AER uses atmospheric research, development and analysis reports, and computer software solutions to communicate solutions to weather and climate related risk.  Their goal is for private and public agencies, insurance companies, and investment and energy companies to anticipate, manage, react to and profit from weather and climate related risk.   
Atmospheric, LLC   general $ Global/national-scale Atmospheric provides weather services ranging from historical analysis, expert witness reporting, to weather forecasting and research. Atmospheric also provides full stack data analytics solutions for business and marketing operations in addition to teaching and training in meteorology.  
AWIS Weather Services   general $ Global/national-scale AWIS provides detailed forecasts to clients in agriculture, energy, business, consulting, etc., with a goal of helping clients to understand weather and its impact on business and cash flow.  
Baron Critical Weather Intelligence   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale Baron offers a free look at current weather conditions on their web browser.  They also offer a number of specialized weather solutions to industries such as education, government, aviation, broadcast, insurance, public safety, and transportation.  
Campbell Scientific   general $ Global/national-scale Campbell Scientific sells a variety of instrumentation devices, including data loggers, sensors, communication devices, software, and more. Also available are prepackaged or customized solutions for topics such as energy, soil, infrastructure, etc.   
Climadata Corporation   general $ Global/national-scale Climadata offers custom forecasts and consulting, products for broadcast and media, expert testimony for cases impacted by weather, and services for special events.  Their site also links to, where forecasts and data are available in Spanish.  
Climatological Consulting Corporation   general $ Global/national-scale The Climatological Consulting Corporation offers a wide variety of weather and climate services such as hurricane and storm surge risk, climate change impacts, business weather sensitivity, weather derivatives and tools, and other customized studies.  They also offer expert witness services in terms of forensic meteorology and commodities services for the agriculture industry.  
Climet Systems   general $ Global/national-scale Climet Systems is primarily a forensic climatology organization, reconstructing past conditions to assist litigation, law enforcement, insurance, and investigations.  They also offer risk management solutions and services to industries concerned with possible weather conditions.  
CompuWeather   general $ Global/national-scale CompuWeather offers forensic weather analysis, consulting and testimony via a Certified Consulting Meteorologist, as well as Weather Data products.   general $ Global/national-scale Dr. Michael Witiw is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist, whose consulting experience has included expert testimony, forensic consulting, education, training, etc. His projects have included aviation incidents and radar development.   
Cox Weather Services   general $ Global/national-scale Cox Weather Services offers forensic meteorological services, including expert witness testimony.  Businesses and individuals can benefit from consulting and forecasting services, and a weather verification service is available for insurance companies and policy holders.  
Custom Weather, Inc.   general FREE Global/national-scale Custom Weather offers a number of data products related to forecasts & models, GIS, historical data, and more. Customized industry solutions are also available to fields such as agriculture, energy, drone operations, media, and information portals.   
Davis Instruments   general $ Global/national-scale Davis Instruments provides environmental sensors for weather monitoring as well as marine and outdoor activities. Solutions and configurations with these instruments are also available for areas such as agriculture, home and garden, recreation, sports, etc.  
DTN   general $ Global/national scale DTN delivers actionable insights to empower customers’ success on a daily basis in the agriculture, energy, weather, financial analytics and transportation markets.  
Early Alert Solutions general $ Global/national-scale Additional services and solutions are available in terms of emergency management, situational awareness & critical decision support services, hazard planning, and more.  
Earth Networks   general $ Global/national-scale Earth Networks operates the world’s most comprehensive weather networks including hyperlocal real-time observations, lightning detection and trace gas monitoring that helps schools, government agencies and companies with weather intelligence data to help automate decision-making and optimize operations. Operating in over 90 countries, Earth Networks provides customers with services such as weather monitoring, alerting and visualization, real-time lightning detection, and severe weather analytics. More information at  
East Coast Weather Premium Membership general $ Global/national-scale Business clients can receive a daily forecast PDF email, and are eligible for consulting to help your business maximize profit.  Monthly members to East Coast Weather can sign up to receive a periodic email newsletter and text discussions.  
ExoConsulting   general Free/$ Global/national-scale ExoConsulting's mission is to provide technical expertise and business insights for client success on and off track. Our weather-related services include business development in the energy weather sector, forensic meteorology, and forecasting services.  
EJS Weather   general $ Global/national-scale EJS Weather provides custom weather forecasts for specific locations and weather needs. Specific services include forecasts for print media, as well as the agriculture, marine, and energy industries.  
ENSCO, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale ENSCO, Inc. provides engineering, science, and advanced technology solutions to support mission success, safety, and security to governments and private industries. Sectors of focus include aerospace, avionics, national security, and rail.  In terms of meteorology, ENSCO offers high-fidelity weather forecasting, atmospheric modeling, and research to operations applications.  
ERG   general $ Global/national scale Helping our clients protect the environment, improve worker health and safety, ensure the safety of food and drugs, plan sustainable facilities, and achieve other positive outcomes.  
ERT   general $ Global/national scale Providing scientific analysis and modeling, engineering, information technology, and environmental services and solutions  
Flash Scientific Technologies Inc. (Flash Weather AI) General and Aviation $ Global/national-scale Flash Weather AI provides weather intelligence services. Utilizing a patented algorithm and machine learning AI, Flash has created the world's most advanced Weather Prediction System. Producing more accurate forecasts that include 2-minute updates compared to the industry standard of one hour.  
Foreca Ltd general Free/$$ Global/national-scale At Foreca we collect weather data all around the world. We create our own weather forecasts by combining meteorological expertise with cutting-edge data science and make all that data available to our clients and users of our apps and websites - in easy and useful ways.  
Forecasting Consultants LLC   general $ Global/national-scale Forecasting Consultants LLC offers custom weather forecasts, consulting for the business sector, forensic meteorology services, and custom forecasting and consulting for special and outdoor events.  
Freese-Notis Weather   general $ Global/national-scale Freese-Notis Weather offers forecasts and consulting to the agriculture and construction industries. Law firms, insurance companies, and businesses can find research, archived radar pictures, and expert testimony for weather-related court cases. They also have a large historical weather database and offer access to high-resolution temperature and rainfall data.  
Frequentis   general $ Global/national-scale Frequentis offers safety-critical communication and information solutions. Industries supported include air traffic management, airports and airlines, defense, public safety, public transport, maritime, specialized communications, and innovation & research.  
Golden Gate Weather Services   general $ Global/national-scale Golden Gate Weather Services offers consulting for projects requiring meteorological expertise and for special event forecasting. Expert witness services are also available, with experience across a wide variety of meteorological disciplines.  
Great Lakes Weather Service   general $ Global/national-scale Clients such as radio stations, TV stations, construction companies, agricultural companies, school districts, ski resorts, and more can access site-specific weather forecasts and consulting.  
Hail Poin Hail Verify™ hail Varies Global/national scale North America Hail Mapping & Hail Analytics solutions for business. Real-time and historical hail information for the Insurance, financial and Roofing industry.  
Harris   general $ Global/national scale Leading technology innovator, solving customers’ toughest mission-critical challenges by providing solutions that connect, inform and protect.  
High Sierra Electronics, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale High Sierra Electronics designs and manufactures environmental monitoring systems that protect lives and property by identifying threats posed by the weather. Many products and solutions are focused on precipitation, flooding, and the impacts on roadways.  
IBSS   general $ Global/national scale Deliver enterprise IT, cybersecurity, and business solutions to federal and commercial markets.  
Innovim   general $ Global/national scale INNOVIM’s capabilities span the data lifecycle. Our scientists and engineers create and collect data through sensors located on Earth and in space, manage the infrastructure that supports large-scale data analysis, and transform the results into actionable information through data exploration techniques and decision-making systems.  
Integrated Systems Solutions   general $ Global/national scale provides high-value professional services in program management, communications and outreach, IT Services, requirements management, systems engineering and technical services  
Iteris, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale Iteris uses data to create solutions for transportation and agriculture, focusing on making roads safer and farms more efficient.  
JupiterIntel   general $ Global/national scale Jupiter was founded by a group of thought-leaders who believed that every relevant factor in climate impact could be incorporated into an integrated, dynamic modeling framework, enhanced with AI, and that this technology could be used to deliver a risk-focused solution with accurate, actionable information, designed to efficiently scale in the cloud.  
Locus Weather   general $ Global/national-scale Locus Weather provides custom weather forecasts, including those for ocean voyages, yacht races, and for general marine use. Also available are forecasts for radio and TV.  They offer past weather research and analysis and expert testimony.  Also available are weather seminars and courses.  
Local Weather Center NA general $ Global/national-scale Local Weather Center is a private weather forecasting service that provides its subscribing clients with the most accurate and up-to-date weather forecasts available. Our specialty is storm forecasting for Landscape Companies, Aviation Interests, all private companies of any kind, special events and others.  
MellishMeter Weather Consulting   General weather and climate $ Global/national-scale Personal forecasting advice, insurance claims and litigation, forensic reports, long-range forecasting.  
MDA Information Systems, LLC   general $ Global/national-scale MDA Information Systems provides information solutions to government and commercial customers in four speciality areas.  These include Geospatial Solutions, ISR, Weather Services, and Sensor Systems Technologies.   
meteoblue. https://content.meteoblue.
general Free/$$ Global/national-scale meteoblue produces a unique range of top-accuracy weather data – for any point on land or sea in the world, with hourly data being available online from 1940 until present, forecasts and climate simulations up to 2100. Our products range from website content and mobile apps intended for the general public, to premium subscription products designed for private users and small companies, to business solutions tailored for our business partners.  
MeteoGroup   general $ Global/national-scale MeteoGroup provides analysis and support to help businesses make weather-related decisions. These weather-related solutions are available specifically for the energy, insurance, media, offshore, shipping, transport, and water industries.  
Meteorological Solutions Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale Meteorological Solutions Inc is an air quality and meteorological consulting company, focusing on ambient monitoring, meteorologial monitoring, near-field and far-field dispersion modeling, and air permitting. Some services include initial site selection and permitting, integration and installation of monitoring systems, performance audits, field calibrations, remote data management, and more.   
Metro Weather Service, Inc.   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale Users can access free weather discussions and data on their webpage. Custom weather forecasts are also available for film production, radio and television, government and industry, and forensic services.   
Mobile Weather Team, Inc. Weather Coverage general $ Global/national-scale The Mobile Weather Team specializes in on-site and remote weather forecasting for outdoor events, advance storm warnings, and lightning prediction and detection. Other services include global long-range weather outlooks for agriculture, hail tracking for crop insurance, and more.  
Morcom International, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale Morcom International designs and implements broadband wireless infrastructure systems and other areas relating to wireless communications. In terms of meteorological services, Morcom offers direct readout weather satellite receiving systems, weather radar systems, meteorological telecommunications systems, and weather production solutions for the media.  
Monarch Weather Consulting   general $ Global/national-scale Monarch Weather Consulting, a woman-owned small business, provides an array of weather and climate products from forensic services to custom weather solutions.  
MountainWeather   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale Users can access weather data, forecasts, model outputs, and other maps on their webpage for free.  They also offer specialized forecasts for mountain activities such as expeditions and climbs, or for other outdoor events. Weather monitoring services are also available for insurance purposes or safety concerns.   
Murray & Trettel   general $ Global/national-scale Murray & Trettel offer customized and operational weather forecasts. Their involvement in meteorological monitoring includes environmental monitoring, data management, and weather instruments. In terms of forensic services, they offer insurance claim verification, snow accumulation reports, and weather expert testimony.  
National Catastrophe Restoration Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale National Catastrophe Restoration, Inc. has resources to serve corporate, insurance, and government clients when disaster strikes. For both commercial and residential applications, services include fire, water, and storm damage restoration, as well as mold removal and specialized services.  In the case of severe storms, disaster crews can be staged and ready to deploy when storms are predicted.   
National Weather Forecasting, LLC   general $ Global/national-scale National Weather Forecasting, LLC provides custom-made weather forecasts for industries such as aviation, schools, broadcast, marine, utilities/energy, special event, and transportation. Weather instruments are available to purchase. Forensic services are available as well.  
NY NJ PA Weather My Weather Concierge general $ Global/national-scale The My Weather Concierge app features specific forecasters who provide handcrafted weather forecasts for cities across the country 365 days a year.  
OBA Weather   general Free Regional OBA Weather provides local weather information for people who live and visit the Alabama/Florida Gulf Coast area from Fort Morgan Alabama to NAS Pensacola, including Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and Perdido Key.   
OCENS   general $ Global/national-scale OCENS offers marine, land, and air solutions through their satellite systems and service. Specifically, they offer products such as satellite phones and equipment, software used for weather, email, mobile apps, and tracking devices, and satellite wi-fi products.   
Planalytics   general $ Global/national-scale Planalytics helps companies to assess and address the impact that weather has on their business. Their analytics combine sales and weather data to identify primary weather threats and understand weather sensitivity. Their analytics help to provide answers so businesses can plan and decrease weather volatility.  
PraxSoft   general $ Global/national-scale PraxSoft offers three products that aid in alerting and communication. For weather, WeatherActive provides real-time data on local conditions, and built-in alarms will automatically alert users to potentially dangerous conditions. The system collects, integrates, analyzes, and displays meteorological sensor data and the information can improve decision making, inform the public, or draw traffic to a website.  
Prescient Weather Ltd https://www.worldclimate
Climate and Crops $ Global/national-scale Prescient Weather provides advanced, science based climate and long-lead weather forecast decision support tools  
Regional Earth System Predictability Research, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale RESPR is a research and development company that develops weather data products and services for the renewable energy sector. Products offered are mostly raw data that can be delivered to meet data needs. RESPR also develops/adapts existing software to provide custom software solutions. Technical and business consulting services are available for a wide variety of private industries, government agencies, and universities.  
Science Systems and Applications, Inc.   general $ Global/national scale Provider of scientific research and development (R&D), engineering, and information analytics services across the range of Earth and space science disciplines  
Shade Tree Meteorology   general $ Global/national-scale Shade Tree Meteorology provides custom weather services to clients, including reconstruction of past weather events, observations for unfolding weather events, and forecasts for future weather events. Also available are weather emergency plans, severe weather risk assessments, and teacher workshops and seminars.  
Skyview Weather   general $ Global/national-scale Skyview Weather offers alerts for lightning and severe weather. Also available are winter weather, fire weather, and flash flood support, snow reports, custom weather forecasts, special event coverage, and education and training.  
Skywatch   general $ Global/national scale Mission to make satellite data accessible to the world  
Solers   general $ Global/national scale Achievement in the areas of software engineering, systems engineering, and systems integration.  
Speedwell Weather   general $ Global/national-scale Speedwell Weather offers historical and real-time data, forecasts, software, and consultancy for clients in sectors such as weather risk, energy, and agriculture. Other services include meteorological settlement data and weather station installation.  
StatWeather   general $ Global/national-scale StatWeather offers short, long, and extended range temperature forecasts, whose data can be accessed by logging into the webpage or through software. 1-15 day precipitation forecasts and maps are available as well.   
StormCenter   general $ Global/national scale StormCenter Communications has evolved from a specialized weather and climate technology communications company to an innovative cyber and homeland security technology development and applications company  
StormGeo   general $ Global/national-scale StormGeo assists clients in safeguarding people, assets, and profits.  They provide decision support solutions and services for weather-sensitive operations.  
StormGeo   general FREE Global/national-scale Local forecasts are freely available on their web browser.  
TempoQuest   general $ Global/national scale TempoQuest, TQI, is an operational “software as a service” company established to meet the need for faster, more precise and more affordable weather forecasts. TQI has developed a unique and proprietary software, which accelerates the regional weather forecasting process enabling the delivery of next-generation weather forecasts to commercial users and government agencies around the world  
The Narwhal Group   general $ Global/national-scale The Narwhal Group provides operational support and consulting to the road weather industry, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) initiatives, professional software products, as well as specialized forecasts and forensic/incident meteorology services.  
The Weather Company   general $ Global/national-scale The Weather Company provides weather-driven business solutions that allow enterprises to make better decisions. Industries served include agriculture, aviation, broadcast media, government, ground transportation, retail, and more.  
The Weather Medic   general $ Global/national-scale The Weather Medic offers custom weather data and forecasts for industries such as agriculture, construction, film production, insurance, and more. Special forecasts are also available for special events, festivals, weddings, and honeymoons.  
TruWeatherSolutions   general $ Global/national scale Serve weather sensitive businesses and industries in the private sector to increase safety and productivity when weather is a potential threat to business operations.  
Unisys   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale Unisys provides current weather data and model run forecasts to users on their webpage. They also provide custom solutions and data to the global weather enterprise, public, weather sensitive industries, businesses, and governments.  
Vaisala   general $ Global/national scale Vaisala primarily offers a variety of meteorological sensors and instruments, with their two main areas of focus being industrial measurements and weather and environment solutions. In addition to these sensors and instruments, they offer calibration and repair services, consulting, technical support, and more.  
Weather 2000   general $ Global/national-scale Weather 2000 is a meteorological consulting firm for the Energy & Commodity Trading, Insurance, and Weather Risk Management Industries. Services include email weather discussions, temperature forecast tables, ENSO reports, tropical storm & hurricane research, site-specific forecasts, climate & weather data, and phone consultation.  
WeatherBank   general $ Global/national scale WeatherBank, Inc. is a completely integrated, full-service, meteorological consulting company providing weather data and products, and custom programming solutions for businesses, government agencies, and the general public.  
WeatherBuild   general $ Global/national scale WeatherBuild® offers a suite of decision support solutions that empower contractors, owners and operators to improve situational awareness and make better-informed decisions about weather events, schedule impacts, safety risks and probable outcomes.  
Weather Decisions Technology Frontier general $ Global/national-scale Frontier provides historical weather data, as well as current forecasts, primarily for the energy trading industry.  A variety of packages are available.  
Weatherflow   general $ Global/national scale WeatherFlow Inc. is a leader in the private sector weather industry, with over three decades of experience in applying the latest in observational, modeling, and forecasting technology to its clients’ most challenging problems.  
WeatherSTEM   general FREE/$ Global/national-scale Smart Weather Technology including: Weather Stations, Live Streaming Weather Cameras, Weather Health/Safety alerts and notifications, lightning detection and high heat monitoring, real-time and future-cast Radar.  
Weather or Not   general $ Global/national-scale Weather or Not provides meteorological consulting services, as well as custom weather forecasts and updates. Industries served include construction, public works, parks and recreation/golf courses, schools/campuses, stormwater, snow removal, roofing, and more.  
Weather Source   general $ Global/national-scale Weather Source develops weather data products so that weather sensitive industries and clients can use weather information to their advantage. Specific solutions are available for industries such as big data, agriculture, legal retail, insurance, logistics & transportation, and more.  
Weather USA Business Services general $ Global/national-scale Severe weather alerts are available to notify those associated with your business.  Also available are decision support services, event forecasts, and Weather API.  
Weather2020   general $ Global/national-scale Weather2020 offers long range forecasts, specifically for the energy and agriculture industries. They also offer the 1Weather app that provides weather data and 12 week forecasts.  
WeatherExtreme Ltd.    general $ Global/national-scale WeatherExtreme Ltd. provides research and consulting for different types of severe weather and areas of meteorology. Specific services include forensic meteorology and expert witness, weather forecasting and atmospheric modeling, GIS services, video/film production, custom graphics and animations, and other specialty weather services.  
Weathernews   general $ Global/national-scale Weathernews communicates with customers about weather risks for their specific markets and helps to provide solutions. Industries served include aviation, shipping, oil & gas, road management, construction, sports weather, broadcasting, and more.  
weathertrends360   general $ Global/national-scale Weather Trends forecasts year-ahead weekly temperature and precipitation trends for locations across the globe, and quantifies how said forecasts will affect weather sensitive businesses. Industries served include farming, manufacturing, small business, retailers, financial services, and golf.  
WeatherWatch Service   general $ Global/national-scale WeatherWatch Service offers customers such as newspapers, radio and TV stations, the film industry, construction companies, and utilities with international, national, local, and micro weather forecasts. Forecasts can be up to the minute or long range, and are all customized to fit the needs of the client.  
WeatherWorks   general $ Global/national-scale WeatherWorks offers custom Storm Alert services for severe weather and winter storms. They are involved in meteorological consulting and forensic services as well, including certified snowfall totals, certified past weather reports, weather expert testimony, climatology reports, and Winter Risk outlooks.  
WeatherTiger WeatherTiger custom modeling general $ Global/national-scale Harness the true power of our predictive analytics and put Big Data to work for you with WeatherTiger’s custom modeling solutions. Our proprietary technology is ready to create accurate predictions for your enterprise’s exact needs, customized to your precise geographic location and weather variable of interest. Our team of modelers work with clients one-on-one to provide useful and usable weather intelligence.  
WeatherPrep general $ Global/national-scale WeatherPrep is a consulting firm of New York Area Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCMs) with weather experts in the field of meteorology, weather analysis, and climate forecasting with specialization in snow and ice weather events. We testify and prepare forensic weather reports on the basis of our training and experience review of the discovery materials in each case. Specialties include outdoor event forecasting to satisfy permitting requirements, and emergency weather plan reviews.  
Western Weather Group   general $ Global/national-scale Western Weather Group provides meteorological products and services, such as weather stations and forecasts, so that customers can make informed decisions about weather affecting their operations. Customers come from areas such as agriculture, industry, power generation, recreation, and consulting.  
Westward Environmental, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale Westward Environmental, Inc. is an environmental and engineering consulting firm that provides services to clients including environmental, geologic, engineering, safety & health, and natural resource management.  
Wilkens Weather Technologies   general $ Global/national-scale Wilkens Weather Technologies specializes in offshore and marine forecasting for the oil & gas and petrochemical industries. Alerts specific to squall lines and lightning are available, as well as historical analysis, on-site meteorological services, media production services, and more.   
World Wine Weather   general Free Global/national-scale A resource for weather and climate information and it's impact on the global wine industry.  
World Winds Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale World Winds Inc. offers services such as atmospheric modeling & analysis, oceanographic modeling & analysis, ADCIRC hydrodynamic modeling, high performance cluster computing, and broadcast meteorology products.  
CT Weather Paid Services general $ Regional/Local-scale CT Weather offers a number of fee-based subscription services to residents and companies of Connecticut.  These include forensic reports, extensive and detailed storm forecasts, official snowfall total reports, degree day reports, 30-day forecasts, STORM FORCE notifications, NWS alerts, and radio station information.  Connecticut
DayWeather, Inc.   general FREE / $ Regional/Local-scale DayWeather, Inc. provides customized and road weather forecasting, as well as stratospheric weather forecasting and consulting for the aviation industry. Weather event reconstruction is available as a forensic meteorology service.  They have a radio network, where users are able to choose locations to receive weather forecasts 2-3 times a day. DayWeather also sells weather instruments and provides data via webcams on their webpage. Their region covers parts of Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, and Wyoming. Rocky Mountain West and High Plains
New England Weather Associates   general $ Regional/Local-scale New England Weather Associates is a private weather consulting service for weather-sensitive businesses.  A wide range of businesses are served, but they specialize in commercial construction, commercial roofing, and crane operators in New England and the Northeast U.S.   
NY NJ PA Weather Premium Membership general $ Regional/Local-scale Users can subscribe to have access to a personal meteorologist and premium live coverage. Specifics include in-depth and one-on-one weather analysis, as well as long range thoughts, severe threat analysis, and more.  Different subscription packages are available. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
Precision Weather Forecasting, Inc.   general FREE / $ Regional/Local-scale Precision Weather Forecasting, Inc. provides site and time specific forecasting for the New England area. Clients such as municipalities, businesses, schools, and hospitals can receive daily forecasts and storm warning alerts. They also offer New England Weather Science, a forensic service including past data and court testimonies. Customers can access basic weather data such as temperatures and radar on their webpage. New England
Smalltown Weather   general $ Regional/Local-scale Smalltown Weather is a private meteorological consulting service established in the small border town of Del Rio, Texas in 2015 Southwest Texas
WeatherOnline UK Personal Weather Services general $ Regional/Local-scale Personal Weather Services include expert weather opinions for loss or damage claims, as well as personal sailing forecasts. Europe