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Below are various resources from across the Weather Enterprise including links to commercial, academic, and governmental products and services. These lists contain the providers/services that we know.  If you are a provider of a weather, water, or climate alerting service and want your service added to the lists below, please contact us at: (this email address is not for subscribing to NWS alerts.)

DISCLAIMER: NWS does not endorse the services or providers listed. Information presented is believed to be correct at the time of posting. Any fee or payment required for service is the responsibility of the consumer. The NWS recommends using multiple sources of information to validate the information that is received.

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, all links take you outside this federal government website.  You may wish to review the privacy notices on these sites as their practices may differ from ours.

Company listings are in alphabetical order. Global/national-level products are followed by regional/local-scale products.
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AccuWeather   general FREE Global/national scale Subscribe to daily weather forecasts and severe weather watches and warnings via email for free.   
Air Science Consultants, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale Air Science Consultants, inc. provides weather forecasting and environmental consulting. Services are offered to industries such as agriculture, construction, forestry, trucking and shipping, and more. Forensic weather information and expert testimony is also available.  
Associated Science Experts   general $ Global/national-scale The Associated Science Experts offer forensic discovery and expert witness testimony, environmental solutions and data, as well as instrumentation sales and experience in a broad area of research.   
AtmosForecast   general $ Global/national-scale AtmosForecast offers customized weather forecasts to a variety of industries, as well as climate research and forensic analyses for legal and insurance sectors.  
Bass Weather Services, LLC   general $ Global/national scale Bass Weather Services provides a range of weather services, including weather forensics and expert witness testimony, personally and professionally tailored to meet the needs of each customer. We conduct comprehensive investigations to determine the conditions, circumstances,causes and impacts due to past weather events and phenomena, and deliver honest, in-depth findings via written report and/or verbal testimony.  
Climadata Corporation   general $ Global/national-scale Climadata offers custom forecasts and consulting, products for broadcast and media, expert testimony for cases impacted by weather, and services for special events.  Their site also links to, where forecasts and data are available in Spanish.  
Climatological Consulting Corporation   general $ Global/national-scale The Climatological Consulting Corporation offers a wide variety of weather and climate services such as hurricane and storm surge risk, climate change impacts, business weather sensitivity, weather derivatives and tools, and other customized studies.  They also offer expert witness services in terms of forensic meteorology and commodities services for the agriculture industry.  
Climet Systems   general $ Global/national-scale Climet Systems is primarily a forensic climatology organization, reconstructing past conditions to assist litigation, law enforcement, insurance, and investigations.  They also offer risk management solutions and services to industries concerned with possible weather conditions.  
CompuWeather   general $ Global/national-scale CompuWeather offers forensic weather analysis, consulting and testimony via a Certified Consulting Meteorologist, as well as Weather Data products.   general $ Global/national-scale Dr. Michael Witiw is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist, whose consulting experience has included expert testimony, forensic consulting, education, training, etc. His projects have included aviation incidents and radar development.   
Cox Weather Services   general $ Global/national-scale Cox Weather Services offers forensic meteorological services, including expert witness testimony.  Businesses and individuals can benefit from consulting and forecasting services, and a weather verification service is available for insurance companies and policy holders.  
Earth Networks   general $ Global/national scale Earth Networks operates the world’s most comprehensive weather networks including hyperlocal real-time observations, lightning detection and trace gas monitoring that helps schools, government agencies and companies with weather intelligence data to help automate decision-making and optimize operations. Operating in over 90 countries, Earth Networks provides customers with services such as weather monitoring, alerting and visualization, real-time lightning detection, and severe weather analytics. More information at  
Expert Weather Investigations   general $ Global/national-scale EWI provides forensic meteorology services to law and insurance firms, as well as local, state, and federal government agencies, and other professionals. Their three main areas of consulting services include data retrieval, full analysis reports and presentation graphics, and expert testimony.  In assistance to real estate agents and municipal planners, they offer expert weather assessment reports and weather forecasting.  
Fair Skies Consulting, LLC   general $ Global/national-scale Fair Skies Consulting offers expert witness services for reporting weather impacts in a court case. Emergency and weather planning are available for municipal buildings, construction jobsites, schools, and outdoor events. Businesses can also benefit from weather data forecasting and analysis to see how weather may impact a business.  
Forecasting Consultants LLC   general $ Global/national-scale Forecasting Consultants LLC offers custom weather forecasts, consulting for the business sector, forensic meteorology services, and custom forecasting and consulting for special and outdoor events.  
Forensic Weather Consultants   general $ Global/national-scale Forensic Weather Consultants offers a variety of certified weather reports for various cases and investigations.  Some of these reports include slip & fall, hail impact, hail, wind, and tornado claims, hurricane, motor vehicle accidents, and hail swath maps. Supplementary services include testimony, depositions, incident-site visitation, live testimony, and more.  
Freese-Notis Weather   general $ Global/national-scale Freese-Notis Weather offers forecasts and consulting to the agriculture and construction industries. Law firms, insurance companies, and businesses can find research, archived radar pictures, and expert testimony for weather-related court cases. They also have a large historical weather database and offer access to high-resolution temperature and rainfall data.  
Golden Gate Weather Services   general $ Global/national-scale Golden Gate Weather Services offers consulting for projects requiring meteorological expertise and for special event forecasting. Expert witness services are also available, with experience across a wide variety of meteorological disciplines.  
How The Weatherworks   general $ Global/national-scale How The Weatherworks provides forensic weather services, including reconstructing past weather events, and interpretation and expert witness testimony.  They also provide opportunities for learning, mentoring, and weather camps to educate students about math, science, and meteorology.  
Locus Weather   general $ Global/national-scale Locus Weather provides custom weather forecasts, including those for ocean voyages, yacht races, and for general marine use. Also available are forecasts for radio and TV.  They offer past weather research and analysis and expert testimony.  Also available are weather seminars and courses.  
Metro Weather Service, Inc.   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale Users can access free weather discussions and data on their webpage. Custom weather forecasts are also available for film production, radio and television, government and industry, and forensic services.   
Murray & Trettel   general $ Global/national-scale Murray & Trettel offer customized and operational weather forecasts. Their involvement in meteorological monitoring includes environmental monitoring, data management, and weather instruments. In terms of forensic services, they offer insurance claim verification, snow accumulation reports, and weather expert testimony.  
National Centers for Environmental Information general FREE/$ Global/national-scale NCEI is NOAA's data nerve center for climate, weather, and other environmental records.  
National Weather Forecasting, LLC   general $ Global/national-scale National Weather Forecasting, LLC provides custom-made weather forecasts for industries such as aviation, schools, broadcast, marine, utilities/energy, special event, and transportation. Weather instruments are available to purchase. Forensic services are available as well.  
Shade Tree Meteorology   general $ Global/national-scale Shade Tree Meteorology provides custom weather services to clients, including reconstruction of past weather events, observations for unfolding weather events, and forecasts for future weather events. Also available are weather emergency plans, severe weather risk assessments, and teacher workshops and seminars.  
STWX Strategic   general $ Global/national-scale STWX Strategic provides weather expertise to numerous local, state, and federal agencies, non-profit organizations, legal, insurance, and engineering professionals, and general citizens. Southwest Texas
The Narwhal Group   general $ Global/national-scale The Narwhal Group provides operational support and consulting to the road weather industry, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) initiatives, professional software products, as well as specialized forecasts and forensic/incident meteorology services.  
WeatherBank   general $ Global/national scale WeatherBank, Inc. is a completely integrated, full-service, meteorological consulting company providing weather data and products, and custom programming solutions for businesses, government agencies, and the general public.  
WeatherBELL   general $ Global/national scale WeatherBELL Analytics LLC is a meteorological consulting firm that provides customized weather forecasts, data services, and weather intelligence tools to entities exposed to the weather  
WeatherCheck   general $ Global/national scale WeatherCheck monitors properties for hail damage so that insurance carriers, mortgage companies, and property owners can take action. WeatherCheck provides clarity in the midst of dynamic and constantly evolving severe weather conditions, particularly in the 24 hours before and after an event when information is most limited.  
The Weather Medic   general $ Global/national-scale The Weather Medic offers custom weather data and forecasts for industries such as agriculture, construction, film production, insurance, and more. Special forecasts are also available for special events, festivals, weddings, and honeymoons.  
Weather History Research   general $ Global/national-scale Weather History Research is a forensic meteorology company that provides history and research for insurance and legal professionals.  Custom report types include hail maps & hail scan reports, slip and fall, lightning, wind, fire, auto mishaps, and general weather data.  
Weather Surveys   general $ Global/national-scale Weather Surveys analyzes data and prepares plain language reports for insurance carriers and attorneys nationwide. Types of investigations include transportation accidents, building collapses, criminal, snow and ice, lightning, visibility, and more.  
WeatherExtreme Ltd.    general $ Global/national-scale WeatherExtreme Ltd. provides research and consulting for different types of severe weather and areas of meteorology. Specific services include forensic meteorology and expert witness, weather forecasting and atmospheric modeling, GIS services, video/film production, custom graphics and animations, and other specialty weather services.  
WeatherScope    general $ Global/national-scale WeatherScope provides clients with information following a winter or severe weather event. Reports include weather observations, radar data, and a summary. Custom reports on past weather events for a particular location can include radar analysis, temperature, visibility, wind data, lightning strikes, rainfall, snowfall, and hail.  
WeatherWorks   general $ Global/national-scale WeatherWorks offers custom Storm Alert services for severe weather and winter storms. They are involved in meteorological consulting and forensic services as well, including certified snowfall totals, certified past weather reports, weather expert testimony, climatology reports, and Winter Risk outlooks.  
West Coast Weather   general $ Global/national-scale West Coast Weather serves clients worldwide in cases of lawsuits and insurance claims involving forensic meteorological cases. Specific services include historical weather data, aircraft accident investigation, severe weather damage reports, past winter weather damage & accidents, and more.  
CT Weather Paid Services general $ Regional/Local-scale CT Weather offers a number of fee-based subscription services to residents and companies of Connecticut.  These include forensic reports, extensive and detailed storm forecasts, official snowfall total reports, degree day reports, 30-day forecasts, STORM FORCE notifications, NWS alerts, and radio station information.  Connecticut
DayWeather, Inc.   general FREE / $ Regional/Local-scale DayWeather, Inc. provides customized and road weather forecasting, as well as stratospheric weather forecasting and consulting for the aviation industry. Weather event reconstruction is available as a forensic meteorology service.  They have a radio network, where users are able to choose locations to receive weather forecasts 2-3 times a day. DayWeather also sells weather instruments and provides data via webcams on their webpage. Their region covers parts of Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, and Wyoming. Rocky Mountain West and High Plains
Ed Roy Ltd. Investigations   general $ Regional/Local-scale Ed Roy Ltd. is a business support company offering private investigation services to individuals, businesses, and organizations across Louisiana. They offer a number of specific services, one of which includes meteorological investigations and determining site-specific historical weather conditions at any given time and/or location. Louisiana
Precision Weather Forecasting, Inc.   general FREE / $ Regional/Local-scale Precision Weather Forecasting, Inc. provides site and time specific forecasting for the New England area. Clients such as municipalities, businesses, schools, and hospitals can receive daily forecasts and storm warning alerts. They also offer New England Weather Science, a forensic service including past data and court testimonies. Customers can access basic weather data such as temperatures and radar on their webpage. New England