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Below are various resources from across the Weather Enterprise including links to commercial, academic, and governmental products and services. These lists contain the providers/services that we know.  If you are a provider of a weather, water, or climate alerting service and want your service added to the lists below, please contact us at: (this email address is not for subscribing to NWS alerts.)

DISCLAIMER: NWS does not endorse the services or providers listed. Information presented is believed to be correct at the time of posting. Any fee or payment required for service is the responsibility of the consumer. The NWS recommends using multiple sources of information to validate the information that is received.

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Company listings are in alphabetical order. Global/national-level products are followed by regional/local-scale products.

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Aanderaa Instruments   general $ Global/national-scale Aanderaa sells a variety of products and systems meant for measuring various parts of the environment, including bodies of water and the atmosphere.  
Acoustic Technology, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale ATI offers software and products to aid in alerting large groups of people.  MassAlert is a software, and Web Portal is the desktop version of it.  Alerts are completely customizable and can include severe weather alerts, as well as distribution by mass emails and SMS messages. They also sell control systems as well as indoor and outdoor communication devices and products.  
AcuRite   general $ Global/national-scale AcuRite sells personal weather stations, some of which can be monitored by an app or on a desktop browser.  
Adcon   general $ Global/national-scale Adcon provides instruments and solutions for plant disease monitoring and agricultural meteorology for smart farming and irrigation management  
Advanced Designs Corporation   general $ Global/national-scale ADC offers software and hardware for Doppler weather radar systems and weather data displays.  
AerisWeather   general $ Global/national-scale AerisWeather powers applications for weather-sensitive businesses, providing product managers, developers & data scientists around the globe unique data points they need for success. Companies taking advantage of the AerisWeather Mapping Platform and Weather API build cutting-edge applications that both generate new revenues and allow businesses to operate more safely and efficiently  
Alden Weather Systems   general $ Global/national-scale Alden Weather Systems offers products and tools for weather forecasting, aviation, and marine applications. Alden Products include professional and compact receivers, as well as Davis Instruments' weather stations, data storage devices, and updating options.  
Allivan Barometers   general $ Global/national-scale Allivan Barometers imports and sells Dingens Barometers of Belgium, all of which are mercury-free.  
AIRMAR Technology Corporation   general $ Global/national-scale WX WeatherStations® are Airmar's all-in-one sensor solution for real-time site-specific weather monitoring. Capable of detecting wind speed, barometric pressure, temperature, and more. The WXH line has been designed with an internal heater for operation in ice prone areas. Airmar’s precision ultrasonic WeatherStations are widely used in the marine, agricultural, offshore, USV and Smart city industries.  
Ambient Weather   general $ Global/national-scale Ambient weather sells weather station and environmental monitoring instruments, as well as corresponding computer software.   
Anything Weather   general $ Global/national-scale AnythingWeather sells soil and moisture hardware, as well as weather station and weather camera systems.  
Applied Technologies, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale The company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of scientific meteorological instrumentation, software, weather instruments and weather systems, predominantly used by organizations with a discipline in meteorological or atmospheric research. Applications include environmental monitoring systems, meteorological instrumentation, data acquisition systems and specialized sensor design, as well as general data collection, storage, processing and telemetry.  
Associated Science Experts   general $ Global/national-scale The Associated Science Experts offer forensic discovery and expert witness testimony, environmental solutions and data, as well as instrumentation sales and experience in a broad area of research.   
Biral   general $ Global/national-scale Biral designs, manufactures, and distributes a variety of meteorological sensors.  
BloomSky   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale BloomSky users can purchase weather cameras to record time lapses from their location.  With a free app or on their browser webpage, anyone can view these timelapses and recorded data for free.  
Campbell Scientific   general $ Global/national-scale Campbell Scientific sells a variety of instrumentation devices, including data loggers, sensors, communication devices, software, and more. Also available are prepackaged or customized solutions for topics such as energy, soil, infrastructure, etc.   
Coastal Environmental Systems   general $ Global/national-scale Coastal Environmental Systems designs, develops, and installs professional weather stations.  They also offer software and aid in choosing the best telemetry arrangement for your system.  
Columbia Weather Systems   general $ Global/national-scale Columbia Weather Systems provides professional weather stations, including devices and software for monitoring, communication, mounting, and accessories.  
Comptus   general $ Global/national-scale Comptus produces wind and environmental sensors, transmitters, and controls. They are able to configure products to specific client requirements.  
Data Acquisition System Manufacturers   general $ Global/national-scale Data Acquisition System Manufacturers works with a number of leading manufacturers to offer users a number of data acquisition products and software.   
Davis Instruments   general $ Global/national-scale Davis Instruments provides environmental sensors for weather monitoring as well as marine and outdoor activities. Solutions and configurations with these instruments are also available for areas such as agriculture, home and garden, recreation, sports, etc.  
Demico, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale Demico, Inc. offers a variety of voltmeters, transducers, and other environmental instrument controls.  
DeTect, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale DeTect specializes in advanced radar and other sensor technologies.  Specific products include Aircraft Birdstrike Avoidance Radar, Drone Detection & Defense Systems, Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems, and more.   
Earth Networks   general $ Global/national scale Earth Networks operates the world’s most comprehensive weather networks including hyperlocal real-time observations, lightning detection and trace gas monitoring that helps schools, government agencies and companies with weather intelligence data to help automate decision-making and optimize operations. Operating in over 90 countries, Earth Networks provides customers with services such as weather monitoring, alerting and visualization, real-time lightning detection, and severe weather analytics. More information at  
Eltek   general $ Global/national-scale Eltek provides specialist portable data loggers for a wide range of applications. Users are aided and advised through the process of design, acquisition, and installation of tailor-made equipment.  
Enterprise Electronics Corporation   general $ Global/national-scale EEC develops and manufactures meteorological radar systems and corresponding software, as well as telespace satellite ground stations.  
F5 Weather   general $ Global/national-scale Users can purchase a variety of Davis weather stations and associated sensors and software.   
FLYHT   general $ Global/national scale provider of Iridium satellite communications, global flight tracking including live FDR streaming capabilities, and aircraft health monitoring solutions  
Geonor, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale Geonor develops equipment and instrumentation including weather instruments, vibration monitors, geotechnical test equipment, and geotechnical field equipment. Services offered include rental for vibration and noise monitors, as well as engineering and technical support.  
GeoOptics   general $ Global/national scale GeoOptics is developing a constellation of small satellites to collect data about Earth’s climate and environment from low Earth orbit (LEO). The constellation is called CICERO and the first operational satellite was launched in January 2018  
Gorman-Redlich CRW-S NOAA Weather Radio Receiver   general $ Global/national scale The Gorman-Redlich CRW-S is the current version of our popular NOAA Weather Radio receiver that we have been producing since 1979 for over-the-air alerts. Selective and sensitive with SAME decoding, selectable frequencies, full configurability, battery back-up capability, and feature-packed.  
High Sierra Electronics, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale High Sierra Electronics designs and manufactures environmental monitoring systems that protect lives and property by identifying threats posed by the weather. Many products and solutions are focused on precipitation, flooding, and the impacts on roadways.  
Innovim   general $ Global/national scale INNOVIM’s capabilities span the data lifecycle. Our scientists and engineers create and collect data through sensors located on Earth and in space, manage the infrastructure that supports large-scale data analysis, and transform the results into actionable information through data exploration techniques and decision-making systems.  
InterMet   general $ Global/national-scale InterMet is a supplier of radiosondes, UAV sensors, GPS sounding systems, and weather balloons and accessories.  
Kipp & Zonen   general $ Global/national-scale Kipp & Zonen offers instruments for solar radiation and atmospheric properties for meteorology and solar energy.  
Landfall   marine $ Global/national-scale Landfall focuses on marine safety and survival gear. They provide equipment to boaters and meet the needs of recreational boaters, professional mariners, law enforcement, and emergency personnel. Examples of safety products include life rafts, distress signaling devices, safety harnesses, and water rescue equipment.  Examples of navigation products include  nautical charts, compasses, marine electronics, and plotting tools.  
LRC Coverings   lightning $ Global/national-scale LRC Coverings develops and sells a lightning retardant cable that is designed to keep lightning off of wires and cables.  This outer covering is applied to existing wires and cables so that almost all connectors and fittings will work.   
Lufft Weather Stations
general $ Global/national-scale Lufft primarily offers a large portfolio of sensors/instruments for ambient weather monitoring in meteorology and weather critical applications like road weather, renewable energies and climatology.  
Marta Systems, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale Marta Systems, Inc. offers a subscription to weather data via their meteorological software suite. They also offer a HTML5 based weather web application, as well as access to other web servers.  Also available are two types of remote sensing ground stations that are compatible with their software suite.  
MeteoStar   general $ Global/national-scale MeteoStar is a software provider for real-time aviation weather with focus on flight planning applications.  
Met One Instruments, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale Met One Instruments Inc. develops and manufactures meteorological instruments, particulate monitors, data loggers, and environmental software.   
Morcom International, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale Morcom International designs and implements broadband wireless infrastructure systems and other areas relating to wireless communications. In terms of meteorological services, Morcom offers direct readout weather satellite receiving systems, weather radar systems, meteorological telecommunications systems, and weather production solutions for the media.  
Murray & Trettel   general $ Global/national-scale Murray & Trettel offer customized and operational weather forecasts. Their involvement in meteorological monitoring includes environmental monitoring, data management, and weather instruments. In terms of forensic services, they offer insurance claim verification, snow accumulation reports, and weather expert testimony.  
National Weather Forecasting, LLC   general $ Global/national-scale National Weather Forecasting, LLC provides custom-made weather forecasts for industries such as aviation, schools, broadcast, marine, utilities/energy, special event, and transportation. Weather instruments are available to purchase. Forensic services are available as well.  
Nielsen-Kellerman   general $ Global/national-scale Nielsen-Kellerman Company designs, manufactures, and distributes rugged, waterproof environmental and sports performance instruments for active lifestyles and technical applications, including environmental loggers and meters to aid in meteorological measurements.  
NovaLynx   general $ Global/national-scale NovaLynx designs, manufactures, and integrates meteorological systems. Sensors are available for purchase on their webpage, or custom weather stations can be built to meet exact requirements.  They specialize in rugged equipment for industrial applications.  
OTT   general $ Global/national-scale OTT primarily offers a variety of hydrological instruments, data management and solutions for surface and groundwater applications.  
OTT HydroMet   general $ Global/national-scale OTT HydroMet provides valuable insights for experts in water and weather applications to help protect lives, the environment, and infrastructure. Local support and application expertise provide the foundation for our partnerships with customers around the world.  
Pace Scientific   general $ Global/national-scale Pace Scientific develops and sells data loggers, sensors, and corresponding software.   
Peet Bros. Company, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale Peet Bros. Company, Inc. manufactures home and professional weather stations, anemometers, electronic rain gauges, barometric pressure sensors, and humidity sensors. Their product, the Ultimeter Weather Station provides data from your location.  
Premiere Products   general $ Global/national-scale Premiere Products sells weather instruments and sensors such as temperature systems, rain gauge systems, Davis weather stations, and more.  
Pronamic   water measurements $ Global/national-scale Pronamic manufactures professional meteorological equipment for use in various applications. Pronamic offer a selection of rain and precipitation gauges and sensors.  
Proton On-Site   general $ Global/national-scale Proton OnSite manufactures and installs hydrogen generators. Hydrogen generators are compact, with no chemicals and minimal maintenance. In terms of meteorology, they can be used to fill weather balloons in place of helium.   
Pulse Systems, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale Pulse Systems designs, manufactures, and installs radar subsystems, upgrades of existing systems, and RF sources. They specialize in custom designed products based on a customer's specific requirements and are able to mass produce any line on a production basis.  
R.M. Young Company   general $ Global/national-scale The R.M. Young Company sells meteorological sensors, including those that measure, wind, temperature and humidity, precipitation and pressure, and visibility.  Other products include indicators and translators, as well as multivariable sensors.   
RainmanWeather   general $ Global/national-scale RainmanWeather sells weather equipment and instruments, including weather stations, software, communications devices, rain gauges, and more.  
RainWise, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale RainWise manufactures professional grade meteorological equipment for consumer, enterprise, and industrial applications. They have a selection of rain and temperature gauges, monitors, sensors, and related software.  
Raytheon   general $ Global/national scale Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration and other capabilities in the areas of sensing; effects; and command, control, communications and intelligence systems; as well as a broad range of mission support services.  
REMTECH, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale REMTECH develops meteorological remote sensors, such as a DOPPLER SODAR system that measures wind speed, direction, thermal stratification, and turbulence parameters.  Their RASS system remotely measures temperature profiles in the atmosphere.  
Robert E. White Instrument Services   general $ Global/national-scale Robert E. White Instrument Services repairs, services, and calibrates marine sextants, aneroid barometers, and barographs.   
Scientific Sales, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale Scientific Sales, Inc. supplies industrial and home weather stations, as well as weather instruments such as anemometers, barometers, thermometers, rain gauges, weather radios, lightning detectors, and weather balloons.  
Scintec   general $ Global/national-scale Scintec develops, manufactures, and markets atmospheric sensors for research institutes, government agencies, defense forces, airports, and industries.  
Senix   water measurements $ Global/national scale We design, manufacture, sell and support a wide range of ultrasonic sensor products to measure distance to a remote object through the air without touching it.  
SensorUp   Internet of Things Measurements $ Global/national scale Form a full picture of what’s around you with disparate IoT sensors. Get real-time updates on industrial control systems, environmental sensors, intelligent transportation systems, fleets, and more.  
Sutron   general $ Global/national-scale Sutron offers a dataloggers, controllers, sensors, communications & telemetry devices, web hosting & visualization products, and software and data management  devices. Custom systems and solutions are available for areas such as hydrology, meteorology, aviation, air quality, geotechnical, tides/oceans, and other global projects.  
Texas Electronics   general $ Global/national-scale Texas Electronics offers meteorology instrumentation and sensors such as tipping bucket rain gauges, complete weather stations, controllers/displays/indicators, and devices to measure barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity, and solar radiation.   
The Swinter Group   snow / ice $ Global/national-scale The Swinter Group offers snow consultation and forensic services to snow removal companies, properties & their managing groups, and personal injury/premises liability attorneys. They also sell a variety of products and tools such as snow & ice equipment and deicers.  
ThunderEagle   general $ Global/national-scale Thunder Eagle designs and manufactures NOAA weather alert radios and communication interface systems for the dissemination of severe weather information on multiple communications systems. They also create and host weather websites for businesses, schools, and governments throughout the United States. These sites are linked at  
Vaisala   general $ Global/national-scale Vaisala primarily offers a variety of meteorological sensors and instruments, with their two main areas of focus being industrial measurements and weather and environment solutions. In addition to these sensors and instruments, they offer calibration and repair services, consulting, technical support, and more.  
Weatherflow   general $ Global/national scale WeatherFlow Inc. is a leader in the private sector weather industry, with over three decades of experience in applying the latest in observational, modeling, and forecasting technology to its clients’ most challenging problems.  
Weather Underground Weather Stations general $ Global/national-scale Weather stations and sensors are sold by WeatherUnderground.  Installation instructions are available, and data can be uploaded to WeatherUnderground when their products are utilized.  
WeatherSTEM   general FREE/$ Global/national-scale Smart Weather Technology including: Weather Stations, Live Streaming Weather Cameras, Weather Health/Safety alerts and notifications, lightning detection and high heat monitoring, real-time and future-cast Radar.   general $ Global/national-scale offers a variety of weather radios for sale online, as well as educational resources regarding use of weather radios.   general $ Global/national-scale provides consumer and professional weather station equipment to individuals, companies, fire departments, schools, universities, and other governmental entities. Products offered include weather stations, thermometers, rain gauges, weather radios, and more.  
WeatherShop   general $ Global/national-scale WeatherShop offers meteorological instruments and sensors, such as barometers, thermometers, weather stations, and data loggers. Also available are software downloads, meteorological books and videos, and corresponding accessories for other products.  
Western Weather Group   general $ Global/national-scale Western Weather Group provides meteorological products and services, such as weather stations and forecasts, so that customers can make informed decisions about weather affecting their operations. Customers come from areas such as agriculture, industry, power generation, recreation, and consulting.  
DayWeather, Inc.   general FREE / $ Regional/Local-scale DayWeather, Inc. provides customized and road weather forecasting, as well as stratospheric weather forecasting and consulting for the aviation industry. Weather event reconstruction is available as a forensic meteorology service.  They have a radio network, where users are able to choose locations to receive weather forecasts 2-3 times a day. DayWeather also sells weather instruments and provides data via webcams on their webpage. Their region covers parts of Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, and Wyoming.