ZHU Training Page

NOTE: Content for ZHU training page was derived from myriad of sources (e.g., NWS, academia, private meteorologists).
With the exception of presentations/event write-ups clearly marked, ZHU CWSU takes no credit for content listed below.

Clouds/Precipitation Fog/Dew/Frost
How do Clouds and Rain Form?        Tutorial 2         Tutorial 3 Fog Definitions
How to Clouds Dissipate?        Stratus Dissipation Forecasting Radiation/Advection Fog        Tutorial 2
Cloud Recognition Fog - The Definitive Edition
Stability and Cloud Development        Tutorial 2        Tutorial 3 UPS Fog Study
PBL        Stratus/Stratocumulus        Tutorial 2        Tutorial 3 Forecasting Dew/Frost
Cloud Streets/Horizonal Rolls        Tutorial 2        Tutorial 3
Isentropic Lifting

Winds/Jetstream Turbulence
General Winds/Circulations Turbulence Tutorial
General Winds - Another Tutorial Turbulence - Another Tutorial
General Winds - The Definitive Edition Turbulence - And Another Tutorial
Jet Stream/Jet Streaks Turbulence - The Definitive Edition
Pressure/Forces/Winds        Tutorial 2        Tutorial 3 Impacts from Winds on the Boundary Layer

Wind Shear Icing
Wind Shear - FAA Publication Icing Tutorial
Low Level Wind Shear - NWS Presentation Icing - Another Tutorial
Low Level Wind Shear - Another NWS Presentation Icing - The Definitive Edition
Wind Shear - The Definitive Edition

Thunderstorms Elevated Thunderstorms
Thunderstorm Tutorial Elevated Thunderstorm Tutorial
NWS Jetstream        Britannica Elevated Thunderstorms across the Northern Plains - NWS Paper
Thunderstorm - ZHU Presentation (with Added Slides) Temperature Sounding Favorable for Elevated Thunderstorms
Thunderstorms - The Definitive Edition Elevated Thunderstorm Event Review - South Texas 2012
Severe Weather Refresher       Severe Weather Refresher #2
Downburst Tutorial #1        Downburst Tutorial #2

Convective Parameters Lightning
Skew-T Parameters NWS Lightning Tutorial          Additional NWS Tutorials
Skew-T Parameters (Univ of Wisconsin) Why Some Thunderstorms Produce Excessive Lightning
SPC Severe Weather Parameters          Version 2 Lightning Myths and Facts
SPC Storm Parameter Definitions Lightning Safety          Additional Lightning Safety Tutorials
Learning Hodographs        Tutorial 2        Tutorial 3        Tutorial 4

Precipitation Types (Winter Stuff) Tropical Cyclones
Precipitation Types Tropical Weather - NWS Jetstream Page
Precipitation Nomogram Atlantic Basin Names
Forecasting Winter Precipitation Type (NWS Workshop 2004) Hurricane Facts
General Winter Precipitation Forecasting Defining Tropical, Subtropical and Extratropical
Precipitation Effect on Wet-Bulbing Out Process NWS Tropical Cyclone Brochure
Winter Weather Glossary Tropical Weather Glossary
Spaghetti Models - Mike's Wx Page

El Niño/La Niña/ENSO/MJO Stuff Miscellaneous
El Niño/La Niña/ENSO Stuff ***CPC website*** Longwave Patterns     Long/Shortwaves     Basic Wave Patterns
Cyclones/Anticyclones/Fronts/Vertical Structure/Vort/Div
Fronts/Frontogenesis     Cold Fronts     Warm/Stationary Fronts
Understanding Fronts (Anafront vs Katafront)
El Niño/La Niña/ENSO Stuff ***NWS website*** Review of Sfc/850/700/500/300-200 mb Charts
El Niño/La Niña/ENSO Stuff (https://www.climate.gov/enso) Geopotential Height/Thicknesses
Impacts of El Niņo and La Niņa on the hurricane season (climate.gov) Vorticity/Shortwaves/Upper-Level Lows
Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO) Factsheet Divergence/Convergence/500mb Chart (Level of Non-Divergence)
Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO) Publication Simplified Omega Equation (Thermal/Vorticity) Advection
Deformation Band/Col Region
The Low Level Jet
The Inversion/Cap
Gravity Waves

ZHU Presentations ZHU Weather Event Reviews
NOTE: *** designates a PowerPoint Presentation will download NOTE: *** designates a PowerPoint Presentation will download
ZHU Winter Weather Hazards - PowerPoint Slides Elevated Thunderstorm Event Review - South Texas 2012
ZHU Summer Weather Hazards - PowerPoint Slides Houston Severe Weather - August 13, 2013 ***
ZHU Hurricane Talk (2013) Persistent Strong Thunderstorms West of KIAH - Oct 8, 2014
Forecasting Summertime Winds at KIAH *** Record Heat/Severe Weather - August 11, 2015 ***
Utilizing AWIPS 4-Panels to Forecast Convection *** Severe Turbulence Event - Janary 25, 2015
Seabreeze Wind Event at KIAH ***
Low-CAPE / High-Shear(LCHS) Event across ZHU Air Space

Weather Glossaries Commonly Misunderstood Terms
Glossary of Meteorology (American Meteorology Society) Isopleths
National Weather Service Glossary Temperatures - Dry Bulb,Wet Bulb, and Dew Point Defined
Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology Radiation, Conduction and Convection Defined

Weather Handbooks and Important Links
FAA - Aviation Weather For Pilots and Flight Operations FAA - Weather Theory (Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge)
U.S. Air Force - Meteorological Techniques U.S. Air Force - Weather Agency Doctrine (see SC 1W01A (A Course)
U.S. Air force Weather Qualification Training Package U.S. Navy - Aerographer's Mate
Commercial Pilot Meteorology  (Part 1)  (Part 2) Forecaster's Reference Book (United Kingsgdom)
Basic Spotter's Field Guide Advanced Spotter's Field Guide
National Weather Service JetStream - Online School www.theweatherprediction.com   (Haby's Weather Prediction Hints)
NWS Brochures FAA Contractions

Weather Keys
Key to Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) Key to Decoding the U.S. METAR Observation Report
Weather Symbol Key for AWC/WPC Products Another Good Weather Symbol Key

U.S. Regional Map Another U.S. Regional Map
Texas Regional Map Another Texas Regional Map
KIAH Runways KHOU Runways
Gulf of Mexico Routes 30 Core U.S. Airports

Inland Water/Sea Surface Temps
Sea Surface Temperatures in Gulf of Mexico Galveston Bay Live Buoy Observations
Water Temperature Table of the Western Gulf of Mexico Lake Houston - Current Water Temp