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Below are various resources from across the Weather Enterprise including links to commercial, academic, and governmental products and services. These lists contain the providers/services that we know.  If you are a provider of a weather, water, or climate alerting service and want your service added to the lists below, please contact us at: (this email address is not for subscribing to NWS alerts.)

DISCLAIMER: NWS does not endorse the services or providers listed. Information presented is believed to be correct at the time of posting. Any fee or payment required for service is the responsibility of the consumer. The NWS recommends using multiple sources of information to validate the information that is received.

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, all links take you outside this federal government website.  You may wish to review the privacy notices on these sites as their practices may differ from ours.

Company listings are in alphabetical order. Global/national-level products are followed by regional/local-scale products.

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  • Link to Specific Service (if applicable)
  • Weather Topic Addressed
  • Price
  •    Regional, National, or Global
  • Description
  • Area, if Regional
AccuWeather Apps general FREE Global/national-scale Accuweather offers free apps for a variety of devices that give you access to daily forecasts, radar images, and more. Forecasts and data are also freely available on their webpage.  
AerisWeather   general $ Global/national-scale AerisWeather powers applications for weather-sensitive businesses, providing product managers, developers & data scientists around the globe unique data points they need for success. Companies taking advantage of the AerisWeather Mapping Platform and Weather API build cutting-edge applications that both generate new revenues and allow businesses to operate more safely and efficiently  
Altostratus Inc   general $ Global/national-scale Altostratus Inc. generates high-resolution and site-specific weather forecasts for intra-urban scales (sub-kilometer) as well as for non-urban areas. Forecasts are provided directly to clients (samples are available on the website). Weather derivatives are also created per industry specifics.  
Baron Critical Weather Intelligence   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale Baron offers a free look at current weather conditions on their web browser.  They also offer a number of specialized weather solutions to industries such as education, government, aviation, broadcast, insurance, public safety, and transportation.  
BloomSky   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale BloomSky users can purchase weather cameras to record time lapses from their location.  With a free app or on their browser webpage, anyone can view these timelapses and recorded data for free.  
Climadata Corporation   general $ Global/national-scale Climadata offers custom forecasts and consulting, products for broadcast and media, expert testimony for cases impacted by weather, and services for special events.  Their site also links to, where forecasts and data are available in Spanish.  
Climate Logic LLC   general FREE Global/national-scale Climate Logic provides monthly temperature forecasts for the nation, as well as graphics displaying temperature anomalies on a weekly and monthly basis.  Other services include probabilistic temperature forecasts, forecasts of heating/cooling degree days, and monthly temperature forecasts for selected cities.   general FREE Global/national-scale gives users access to climate charts and graphs for cities around the world.  Variables generally include high and low temperatures, precipitation, and amount of sunlight.  World climate maps are also available that display changes in temperature and rainfall over longer periods of time.  
Crown Weather Services   general / tropical FREE Global/national-scale Crown Weather Services provides free data and forecasts for many regions of the United States on their webpage.  
Crown Weather Services Crown Weather Plus general / tropical $ Global/national-scale Crown Weather Plus is a subscription service that gives users access to specific and localized weather pages, tropical storm/hurricane specific web pages, and email updates about tropical, sever, and winter weather.  
Degree   degree days FREE Global/national-scale Degree is an online software tool that calculates degree days using temperature data from Weather Underground. Users can generate degree days data for free on their webpage.  
Early Alert Hazards Pages general $ Global/national-scale earlyAlert offers free data and maps on their webpage, such as displays of current watches and warnings and satellite and radar imagery.  
East Coast Weather   general FREE Global/national-scale East Coast Weather offers a long range outlook, as well as forecast data from NOAA for the United States on their webpage. Users can also access links to forecast models.   
F5 Weather   general FREE Global/national-scale Data available on the F5 browser includes variables and products such as radar, IR and visible satellite, temperature, dew point, pressure, winds, current warnings, and hurricanes.   
ForeFlight   aviation FREE / $ Global/national-scale ForeFlight products, such as a mobile app and corresponding webpage, are used by individual pilots and professional flight crews to gather weather and destination information. They also offer custom solutions for personal and business aviation, military, helicopter, education & flight training, and FBOs.  
Great Lakes Weather Service Weather Links general FREE Global/national-scale Users can access Wisconsin Cranberry Weather Forecasts, radar images, and other current weather data on their webpage.   
GOAT’s Weather Page   general FREE Global/national-scale Collection of forecasts, model output, radar, and satellite imagery.  
Hurricane Mapping   tropical $ Global/national-scale Hurricane Mapping provides live hurricane, tropical storm, and typhoon tracking data for users of Google Earth and ESRI's ArcGIS mapping programs. Available datasets have many advanced map layers to help analyze storm threats, and maps can be easily prepared using presentation-ready symbology and labeling. Hurricane Mapping is also integrated with 3rd-party software such as Visual Command Center and Weather Defender.  
HurricaneCity   tropical FREE Global/national-scale Users can access satellite loop data and forecasts for the hurricane season.  
Instant Weather Maps   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale Instant Weather Maps provides users with maps such as those showing total precipitation, as well as from model runs. Some are accessible for free on the web page, or a premium membership is also available to have access to more model maps.  
Intellicast   general FREE Global/national-scale Intellicast provides users with free access to data such as radar, temperatures, and many other meteorological variables. Forecasts are also available.   general FREE Global/national-scale Weather alerts, forecasts, and radar data are freely available on their desktop website.  
general $ Global/national-scale IntelliWeather offers custom weather graphics and data for television and other industries. Services include sponsorable weather graphics and data for fully automated television weather channels, automated video inserts, media and broadcast news, websites and digital signage. HyperWeather5, IntelliWeather’s automated multi-zone weather channel, includes automated crawls for severe weather. XRAD3D features live, local radar. And, our meteorologist service delivers local and regional video forecasts twice daily.  
Iteris, Inc. ClearAg WeatherPlot general $ Global/national-scale ClearAg WeatherPlot is a web and mobile optimized app that provides weather and soil information to investigate crop injury claims and concerns, to correlate crop performance with environmental conditions, and reduce the need for expensive in-field investigations.   general FREE Global/national-scale offers users access to data such as radar and satellite images, real-time lightning, severe weather notices, and more. Forecasts are available specifically for DFW and Atlanta, but other locations can be searched as well.  
iWindsurf   marine FREE Global/national-scale Users can access radar, precipitation, satellite, sea surface temperatures, winds, and other meteorological data for global locations for free on their webpage.  
iWindsurf Membership marine $ Global/national-scale Membership package options can include exclusive forecasts, sea surface currents, access to weather stations,  premium support, and more.  
MeteoStar LEADS general $ Global/national-scale LEADS stands for Leading Environmental Analysis & Display System, and it is a weather toolkit that allows users to ingest, integrate, process, store, and visualize virtually any type of meteorological/environmental data. It also has a companion known as LEADS On-Line that offers up-to-date weather forecasting tools and datasets.  
MeteoStar LEADS iGM general $ Global/national-scale The LEADS On-Line Interactive GIS Map is a web-based situational awareness display that integrates hydro-meteorological data sets and customer unique data as well. Users can also receive alerts about rapidly changing weather conditions.  
Metro Weather Service, Inc.   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale Users can access free weather discussions and data on their webpage. Custom weather forecasts are also available for film production, radio and television, government and industry, and forensic services.   
Mike's Weather Page   general /tropical FREE Global/national-scale Mike's Weather Page gives users access to a variety of NWS and other sourced weather data, focusing on tropical forecasts. Other variables and outlooks, such as relative humidity, dew point, wind, and watches and warnings are available for the nation.  
Michigan Weather Center   general FREE Global/national scale Michigan Weather Center is a non-profit organization providing weather information and forecasts for the state of Michigan.  
MountainWeather   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale Users can access weather data, forecasts, model outputs, and other maps on their webpage for free.  They also offer specialized forecasts for mountain activities such as expeditions and climbs, or for other outdoor events. Weather monitoring services are also available for insurance purposes or safety concerns.   
MyForecast   general FREE Global/national-scale MyForecast offers users access to hourly and daily forecasts, satellite and radar images, marine forecasts, storm information, and special reports for any location across the globe.   
National Weather Service Homepage   general FREE Global/national-scale Homepage can take users to all parts of the agency, including local forecasts, national centers, and Weather-Ready Nation education pages  
NiceWeather   general $ Global/national-scale Users can access detailed forecasts and data such as temperature measurements and radar images for any specified location.  
NY NJ PA Weather   general FREE Global/national-scale Users can access hourly, seasonal, and 7-day forecasts for free on the webpage. Video discussions are also available. Maps show the nation, but video forecasts are focused on the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area.  
Ocean-Pro Weather    tropical FREE / $ Global/national-scale Ocean-Pro Weather provides users with free access to tropical data and forecasts through the webpage.  Also offered is global weather routing, and communications and position reports. NO REPLY
Oceanweather   marine FREE / $ Global/national-scale Oceanweather does basic and applied research in marine meteorology and ocean response numerical modeling.  They also operational forecasting of ocean wind and waves. Current marine data is available to users for free on the webpage.   
PC Weather Products   tropical $ Global/national-scale PC Weather Products offers a variety of professional hurricane analysis and tracking software options that give users graphical and reporting tools to aid in making preparation decisions. Some of these options offer storm alerts as well.  For users who don't want to run a software application, custom hurricane and storm information can be delivered via email and their website. Also available are location risk analysis reports for businesses at risk of wind and storm surge.  
PS Photo   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale PS Photo offers severe weather photographs on their webpage, as well as links to NWS storm information and outlooks.  
Quikcast   general FREE Global/national-scale Quikcast offers forecasts and data such as temperature values, precipitation, and satellite images to users for free on their webpage for any location in the country.  
Safe Travel USA   general FREE Global/national-scale Safe Travel USA provides maps with observed temperature, wind, and surface analysis maps for the nation. They also link to site specific forecasts along traveling routes for each state in the country.   
ScoutLook Weather   general FREE Global/national-scale ScoutLook Weather offers temperature and wind data, as well as a forecast for a desired location on their webpage. They also have two free apps, ScoutLook Hunting and ScoutLook Fishing that provide weather information to hunters and fishers.  
StatWeather   general $ Global/national-scale StatWeather offers short, long, and extended range temperature forecasts, whose data can be accessed by logging into the webpage or through software. 1-15 day precipitation forecasts and maps are available as well.   
Stormpulse   tropical $ Global/national-scale Stormpulse tracks potential tropical storms and aggregates data from the National Hurricane Center, Joint Typhoon Warning Center, the National Weather Service, and more. Members also receive access to 16 forecast models with explanations.  




$ Global/national-scale Description: StormGeo offers site-specific forecasts, monitoring and alerts for all severe weather, including specialization in hurricanes. Weather data can be access through our online platform or via GIS or APIs.  
SuperPages Weather Console   general FREE Global/national-scale The Weather Console allows websites to display the date, forecast temperatures, daily outlook, and icon for a specified location via a generated HTML code.  
Surfline   General FREE / $ Global/national-scale Starting with surfers and expanding to offshore cruisers, anglers and a myriad of other boating, fishing and surfing enthusiasts, we’ve made it our mission to deliver peak maritime experiences. We provide those who work and play in the ocean with all the advanced tools, personalized insights and immersive content to make their lives better -- supplying them with the information they need to make smarter decisions, seek out new experiences and gain valuable knowledge  
Surf News Network   General FREE / $ Global/national-scale Delivering surf and weather conditions (including webcams) and forecasts across the state of Hawaii.  
The Weather Channel Notifications general FREE Global/national-scale The Weather Channel provides forecasts, radar, and severe weather alerts on their desktop site.  Users can also subscribe to browser push notifications and email subscriptions of weather alerts.  Similar features are available with their mobile app.  
Unisys   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale Unisys provides current weather data and model run forecasts to users on their webpage. They also provide custom solutions and data to the global weather enterprise, public, weather sensitive industries, businesses, and governments.  
UV Index Today   UV Index FREE Global/national-scale Provides UV index forecasts for 40,000+ cities in the United States. Our forecasts include the real-time UV Index, hourly and five day UV forecasts.  
Weather Atlas   general FREE Global/national-scale With Weather Atlas, users can search global locations and find current weather data, as well as hourly and ten day forecasts.  
Weather Information Network   general FREE Global/national-scale Weather Information Network offers forecasts and data for the U.S., categorized by region. Users can subscribe to an RSS Feed to receive alerts about tornado, severe thunderstorm, flood, and winter storm warnings. On their webpage, users can stream the NOAA Weather Radio recordings as well.  
Weather Research Center   tropical FREE / $ Global/national-scale Weather Research Center offers hurricane outlooks, as well as marine and tropical weather data and forecasts on their webpage. They also have consulting and forensic services.  
Weather Underground   general FREE Global/national-scale Wunderground provides, forecasts, radar, and severe weather alerts on their desktop site, as well as their app.  A second app, WunderStation, allows users to connect to their personal weather stations. Users can subscribe to severe weather alerts via SMS or email, and also stream NOAA Weather Radio via a desktop browser.    
Weather USA   general FREE Global/national-scale Weather USA offers current weather observations, forecasts, and severe weather alerts via their desktop browser and app.  
Weather USA Weather on Your Site general FREE Global/national-scale Weather USA provides free weather information through stickers that can be placed on your website.  
weatherUSA   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale Users can access current weather data and forecasts via their webpage and app. They also offer weather alerts by text and email, with the option to upgrade to a premium subscription to receive alerts by phone and for more devices. Also available are weather alerts for businesses and organizations.  
WeatherBoy   general FREE Global/national-scale WeatherBoy allows users to search for locations and see current weather data and forecasts. Also displayed are radar and satellite images and current warnings.  
WeatherBug   general FREE Global/national-scale Users can access radar, forecasts, and severe weather alerts via their desktop browser or app.   general FREE Global/national-scale On their main web page, users can find current weather data and forecasts by searching for a location.  
WeatherOnline UK   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale Current weather data and forecasts are available on their webpage, with an optional paid membership to receive more kinds of data and information.   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale offers users access to local weather by city or region, as well as 7 day NWS forecast maps, model run forecasts, severe weather outlooks, and satellite and radar images. International 10 day forecasts are also available for locations in Australia, Europe, Asia, and South America.   general Free Global/national-scale offers users access to data such as radar, satellite and weather map images, severe weather notices, hurricane tracking. Local, National and International forecasts, hourly weather in an easy search format. Free weather widgets for websites.  
weatherTAP   general $ Global/national-scale weatherTAP is online, subscription based weather service. Products available through a subscription include current data, forecasts, model data, radar and satellite images, as well as information on lightning, aviation weather, severe threats, and global weather. Their corresponding RadarLab HD+ product offers severe weather text alerts and sound alarms in the case of severe weather threats.  
WeatherTiger WeatherTiger's Hurricane Watch general/
FREE/$ Global/national-scale WeatherTiger’s Hurricane Watch is a newsletter covering hurricane threats for our home state of Florida and the entire continental U.S. Paid subscribers will receive a daily in-season tropical forecast briefing and full access to all forecasts, while free subscribers receive a weekly column, our seasonal outlooks, and selected storm coverage.  
Wright Weather, LLC   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale Wright Weather, LLC offers radar, satellite, and forecast model graphics to provide weather information to clients. Subscription options include a commercial or enterprise account, depending on needs. Visitors to the webpage can access national current weather observations and a 48 hour forecast for free.  
Wx Centre   general FREE Global/national-scale Wx Centre offers weather forecasts and data to clients across Canada, as well as internationally. Users can access their webpage to find current weather, forecast maps, severe weather information, and more.  
WxUSA   general FREE Global/national-scale WxUSA offers users access to current weather data and forecasts across the nation. Also accessible are severe warning maps and information and news about earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, and volcanoes.  
Zoom Earth   general FREE General/ tropical Zoom Earth displays global weather in real-time with geostationary satellite imagery from NOAA GOES, and forecast data from NWS GFS. Watch severe weather with the latest rainfall radar. Follow hurricanes using the latest NHC forecast tracks.  
ZoomRadar    general FREE / $ Global/national-scale ZoomRadar offers an interactive radar product and the ZoomRadar Storm Chaser App. The interactive radar map and a local forecast widget are available to be placed on a business website.   
Big Bend Weather   general FREE / $ Regional/Local-scale Users can access current weather data, forecasts, and NWS issued watches and warnings for the Big Bend region of SW Texas.   Big Bend, TX area
Cape Ann Mass   general FREE  Regional/Local-scale Cape Ann Mass provides weather data and forecasts for Cape Ann, Eastern Essex County, and Boston's North Shore. Cape Ann, Eastern Essex County, and Boston's North Shore
CT Weather   general FREE Regional/Local-scale Users can access current weather data, forecasts, and seasonal reports for regions of Connecticut for free via the web page. Connecticut
Hawaii Weather Today   general FREE Regional/Local-scale Hawaii Weather Today offers forecasts for different areas of Hawaii, as well as forecasts related to different beach activities and satellite imagery data. Hawaii
Hudson Valley Weather   general FREE Regional/Local-scale Users can access radar data and forecasts for the Hudson Valley area. Hudson Valley and Catskills of New York.
Laredo Area Weather Page   general Free Regional Laredo Area Weather Page on Facebook provides up to the minute weather updates, forecasts, and live radar videos for The Laredo, TX Area, Webb County, southwest TX, South Texas, and other state Updates. NWS, NHS, and NOAA updates are relayed to our page followers on a daily basis.  Laredo, southwest Texas, south Texas, Texas updates, national Severe Weather Updates
Live Storm n/a General/
Free Regional,
Live Storm Chasers (LSC) gives users a variety of quality weather options, tools, and resources online! This includes users interacting during live weather coverage, staying up to date on the latest weekly forecast blogs/vlogs, and watching weekly weather tip of the week videos! Other variables, such as the latest breaking weather information both nationally and worldwide and quality interactive weather live videos from veteran storm chasers are available on their webpage and social media channels. NA general FREE Regional/Local-scale Michigan Weather Center provides forecasts and other weather information for various locations across the state of Michigan.  State of Michigan)
Michigan Weather Center   marine FREE Regional/Local-scale With, users can access radar images, weather forecasts, and information about tides for areas from Maine to Miami to the Gulf.  Marine areas between Maine, Miami, and the Gulf
Oceantemp   marine FREE / $ Regional/Local-scale Oceantemp manufactures and provides users with sea surface temperature charts and chlorophyll ocean color products. North East Region, Mid Atlantic Region, and Florida-Bahamas Region
Precision Weather Forecasting, Inc.   general FREE / $ Regional/Local-scale Precision Weather Forecasting, Inc. provides site and time specific forecasting for the New England area. Clients such as municipalities, businesses, schools, and hospitals can receive daily forecasts and storm warning alerts. They also offer New England Weather Science, a forensic service including past data and court testimonies. Customers can access basic weather data such as temperatures and radar on their webpage. New England
RogTNWeather   general FREE Regional/Local-scale Rogersville, TN residents can view weather forecasts and data for free on the webpage, as well severe weather updates on the Twitter account. Rogersville, TN
Southwest Louisiana Weather    regional   Regional Covering Severe & Extreme Weather in Southwest Louisiana to help save lives and property. Our mission is to supplement the National Weather Service and bring you even more detailed weather information when Severe Weather Threatens.  
South Texas Weather Updates   general FREE Regional/Local-scale South Texas Weather Updates (Facebook) page is a provider of weather updates for the Southern Region of TX. It is a source of weather information and frequently promulgates NWS information to its followers. It’s contributors include meteorologists, storm spotters, and weather enthusiasts. South Texas
Southland WX   general FREE Regional/Local-scale Southland WX provides current and forecast weather information specifically for selected locations in central and southern California. Limited data is available nationally and globally. Central and Southern California   rain $ Regional/Local-scale StormLogger develops forecasts for requested locations in a handful of western states.  Forecasts can be downloaded once a week. Users can also subscribe to email alerts every morning for probability of precipitation at specific sites.  Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington
Waterford Lakes Weather   general FREE Regional/Local-scale Waterford Lakes Weather reports current conditions in selected locations across Central Florida. Data accessible includes current temperatures, warnings, and radar images. Central Florida
WeatherCurrents   general FREE Regional/Local-scale WeatherCurrents gives users access to current weather data and forecasts for selected locations in Southern California. Southern California