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Below are various resources from across the Weather Enterprise including links to commercial, academic, and governmental products and services. These lists contain the providers/services that we know.  If you are a provider of a weather, water, or climate alerting service and want your service added to the lists below, please contact us at: (this email address is not for subscribing to NWS alerts.)

DISCLAIMER: NWS does not endorse the services or providers listed. Information presented is believed to be correct at the time of posting. Any fee or payment required for service is the responsibility of the consumer. The NWS recommends using multiple sources of information to validate the information that is received.

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, all links take you outside this federal government website.  You may wish to review the privacy notices on these sites as their practices may differ from ours.

Company listings are in alphabetical order. Global/national-level products are followed by regional/local-scale products.

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  • Link to Specific Service (if applicable)
  • Weather Topic Addressed
  • Price
  •      Regional, National, or Global
  • Description
  • Area, if Regional
AccuWeather Desktop general FREE Global/national scale Subscribe to daily weather forecasts and severe weather watches and warnings via email for free.   
Acoustic Technology, Inc.   general $ Global/national-scale ATI offers software and products to aid in alerting large groups of people.  MassAlert is a software, and Web Portal is the desktop version of it.  Alerts are completely customizable and can include severe weather alerts, as well as distribution by mass emails and SMS messages. They also sell control systems as well as indoor and outdoor communication devices and products.  
AerisWeather   general $ Global/national-scale AerisWeather creates custom solutions for weather-sensitive businesses and media properties. AerisWeather’s API and SDK toolkits power apps and websites worldwide, providing developers the cost-effective resources they need for success. Weather impacts roughly one-third of GDP, and it is becoming more volatile. Tapping the full power of AerisWeather allows companies to operate more efficiently, profitably, and safely.  
Asher Group Hyper-Reach general $ Global/national-scale Hyper-Reach is an advanced SaaS emergency mass notification platform that is used to reach as many people as needed when emergencies strike with multiple ways to send alerts, targeted emergency notifications and automated emergency warnings. Hyper-Reach is integrated with the National Weather Service and FEMA Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS).  
BloomSky   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale BloomSky users can purchase weather cameras to record time lapses from their location.  With a free app or on their browser webpage, anyone can view these timelapses and recorded data for free.  
Crown Weather Services Crown Weather Plus general /
$ Global/national-scale Crown Weather Plus is a subscription service that gives users access to specific and localized weather pages, tropical storm/hurricane specific web pages, and email updates about tropical, sever, and winter weather.  
GovOneStop MyCity general FREE Global/national-scale GovOneStop provides weather-related information on our website and social media channels. We help you and your business prepare for extreme weather. Our MyCity solution provides local weather alerts and forecasts for all United States locations. When you browse services, you also see real-time and 5 day weather forecasts. We provide regional weather alerts on our social media channels. We share critical information related to severe weather events and promote collaboration.   general FREE Global/national-scale Weather alerts, forecasts, and radar data are freely available on their desktop website.  
MeteoStar LEADS iGM general $ Global/national-scale The LEADS On-Line Interactive GIS Map is a web-based situational awareness display that integrates hydro-meteorological data sets and customer unique data as well. Users can also receive alerts about rapidly changing weather conditions.  
National Weather Forecasting, LLC Storm Warning general $ Global/national-scale The storm warning service includes preliminary forecasts of severe weather, as well as updates when a storm advances or changes. For snow and ice storms, written reports of accumulation are sent after the storm ends.  
National Weather Service general free Global/national-scale NWS homepage connects you to active watches and warnings.  
OnSolve MIR3 general $ Global/national-scale OnSolve's MIR3 option is focused on business alerting and notification, serving many of the world's largest brands and companies.  Federal agencies also use this solution to maintain business continuity during critical events and natural disasters.  
PC Weather Products   tropical $ Global/national-scale PC Weather Products offers a variety of professional hurricane analysis and tracking software options that give users graphical and reporting tools to aid in making preparation decisions. Some of these options offer storm alerts as well.  For users who don't want to run a software application, custom hurricane and storm information can be delivered via email and their website. Also available are location risk analysis reports for businesses at risk of wind and storm surge.  
Simple Weather Alert   general $ Global/national-scale Simple Weather Alert is a fully automated service and is very customizable as to what your business or group needs.  Some services include automatic alerts posted to your website or Twitter account.  
StormGeo   General/
$ Global/national-scale Description: StormGeo offers site-specific forecasts, monitoring and alerts for all severe weather, including specialization in hurricanes. Weather data can be access through our online platform or via GIS or APIs.  
Syneren Emergency Management System for Disaster Recovery   general $ Global/national-scale Rescue centers can use ITUS, a web-based platform, to streamline communications and decision making.  ITUS combines services such as GPS, NWS weather alerts, FEMA shelter locations, and more into one location to be used more efficiently.   
The Weather Channel Notifications general FREE Global/national-scale The Weather Channel provides forecasts, radar, and severe weather alerts on their desktop site.  Users can also subscribe to browser push notifications and email subscriptions of weather alerts.  Similar features are available with their mobile app.  
THOR GUARD   lightning $ Global/national-scale THOR GUARD offers a variety of products and software that work with their lightning prediction technology.  Users have multiple options of how to receive these alerts before severe weather begins.  
Weather Decisions Technology WeatherOps general $ Global/national-scale WeatherOps helps business and enterprise level organizations to make critical decisions to protect assets.  Alerts are customizable and can be seen by as many people in the company as desired.  With this service, a meteorologist is always available for assistance.  
Weather Information Network   general FREE Global/national-scale Weather Information Network offers forecasts and data for the U.S., categorized by region. Users can subscribe to an RSS Feed to receive alerts about tornado, severe thunderstorm, flood, and winter storm warnings. On their webpage, users can stream the NOAA Weather Radio recordings as well.  
Weather Underground   general FREE Global/national-scale Wunderground provides, forecasts, radar, and severe weather alerts on their desktop site, as well as their app.  A second app, WunderStation, allows users to connect to their personal weather stations. Users can subscribe to severe weather alerts via SMS or email, and also stream NOAA Weather Radio via a desktop browser.    
Weather Underground   general FREE Global/national-scale Wunderground provides, forecasts, radar, and severe weather alerts on their desktop site, as well as their app.  A second app, WunderStation, allows users to connect to their personal weather stations. Users can subscribe to severe weather alerts via SMS or email, and also stream NOAA Weather Radio via a desktop browser.    
Weather USA   general FREE Global/national-scale Weather USA offers current weather observations, forecasts, and severe weather alerts via their desktop browser and app.  
Weather USA Business Services general $ Global/national-scale Severe weather alerts are available to notify those associated with your business.  Also available are decision support services, event forecasts, and Weather API.  
weatherUSA   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale Users can access current weather data and forecasts via their webpage and app. They also offer weather alerts by text and email, with the option to upgrade to a premium subscription to receive alerts by phone and for more devices. Also available are weather alerts for businesses and organizations.  
WeatherBug   general FREE Global/national-scale Users can access radar, forecasts, and severe weather alerts via their desktop browser or app.  
WeatherSphere   general FREE / $ Global/national-scale WeatherSphere offers many articles about weather phenomena, and also a NOAA Hi-Def Radar App, Storm Shield App, and NOAA Weather Alerts App.   
weatherTAP   general $ Global/national-scale weatherTAP is online, subscription based weather service. Products available through a subscription include current data, forecasts, model data, radar and satellite images, as well as information on lightning, aviation weather, severe threats, and global weather. Their corresponding RadarLab HD+ product offers severe weather text alerts and sound alarms in the case of severe weather threats.  
WeatherWorks   general $ Global/national-scale WeatherWorks offers custom Storm Alert services for severe weather and winter storms. They are involved in meteorological consulting and forensic services as well, including certified snowfall totals, certified past weather reports, weather expert testimony, climatology reports, and Winter Risk outlooks.  
Wilkens Weather Technologies   general $ Global/national-scale Wilkens Weather Technologies specializes in offshore and marine forecasting for the oil & gas and petrochemical industries. Alerts specific to squall lines and lightning are available, as well as historical analysis, on-site meteorological services, media production services, and more.   
RogTNWeather   general FREE Regional/Local-scale Rogersville, TN residents can view weather forecasts and data for free on the webpage, as well severe weather updates on the Twitter account. Rogersville, TN   rain $ Regional/Local-scale StormLogger develops forecasts for requested locations in a handful of western states.  Forecasts can be downloaded once a week. Users can also subscribe to email alerts every morning for probability of precipitation at specific sites.  Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington