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Chuuk Products by AWIPS ids
Last updated: Tuesday, June 10, 2008
AWIPS ID WMO ID Description
ABVTKK UFKA40 PTKK Rawinsonde observations, data above 100 mb, for WSO Chuuk
CF6TKK CXKA50 PTKK Climate CF6 Product for Chuuk Intl AP
CLITKK CDKA40 PTKK Climatological report (daily) for WSO Chuuk
CLMTKK CXKA50 PTKK Climatological report (monthly) for WSO Chuuk
CMMTKK CSKA50 PTKK CLIMAT (Monthly coded ) data for WSO Chuuk
CWFTKK FZKA50 PTKK Coastal Waters Forecast for Chuuk
ESFTKK FGKA70 PTKK Chuuk Flood Potential Outlook
FFATKK WGKA60 PTKK Flash Flood Watch for Chuuk to indicate flooding or flash flooding is possible but not imminent
FFSTKK WGKA70 PTKK Flash Flood Statement or urban and small stream flood advisories as issued by WSO Chuuk
FFWTKK WGKA50 PTKK Flash Flood Warning for Chuuk
FLSTKK WGKA80 PTKK Chuuck Flood Statement
FZLTKK UXKA40 PTKK RADAT (relative humidity at and height of freezing level, in feet) for Chuuk
HLSTKK WTKA80 PTKK Hurricane Local Statement for Chuuk
LFPTKK FLKA80 PTKK Public Forecast for Chuuk and vicinity
MANTKK USKA40 PTKK Rawinsonde observations, mandatory isobaric levels to 100 mb (heights, temperatures, winds, dewpoints) for WSO Chuuk
MTRSC1 SPKA31 PTKK SPECI observations from WSO Chuuk
MTRTKK SAKA31 PTKK METAR Surface Weather Observation from NWS WSO Chuuk
MWSTKK FZKA70 PTKK Marine Weather Statement for Chuuk (includes High Surf)
OAVTKK NOKA50 PTKK Preliminary aviation accident report for WSO Chuuk transmitted to NWSH for major accidents (involving fatalities, air carrier flights, and/or widely-known public figures)
OMRTKK SXKA80 PTKK Surf observations from selected beaches in Chuuk
OUATKK UXKA80 PTKK Skew-T analysis data issued by WSO Chuuk (for Guam's usage)
PNSTKK NOKA40 PTKK Public Information statements not of an urgent nature issued by WSO Chuuk
PSHTKK ACKA70 PTKK Post Storm Hurricane Report for Chuuk
RERTKK SXKA70 PTKK Record report for Chuuk
SFPTKK FPKA60 PTKK State Forecast for Chuuk and vicinity
SGLTKK UMKA40 PTKK Rawinsonde observations, significant levels to 100 mb (heights, temperatures, winds, dewpoints) for Chuuk
SPSTKK WWKA80 PTKK Special Weather Statement for Chuuk
SSIC2 SIKA02 PTKK Intermediate synoptic 3-hourly observations from second order stations reporting to WSO Chuuk
SSITKK SIKA01 PTKK Intermediate synoptic 3-hourly observation for WSO Chuuk
SSMC2 SMKA02 PTKK Surface observations from second order stations reporting to WSO Chuuk at the synoptic times
SSMTKK SMKA01 PTKK 6-hourly synoptic observation for WSO Chuuk
STPTKK ASKA50 PTKK Temperature and Precipitation summary for Chuuk
SVRTKK WUKA50 PTKK Severe Thunderstorm warning for Chuuk
SVSTKK WWKA50 PTKK Severe Weather Statement issued by WSO Chuuk
TMATKK SEPA50 PTKK Tsunami Tide/Seismic Message Acknowledgement for WSO Chuuk [or can be addressed to PTWC via AFTN (PHEBYMYT)]