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Active Weather From the Upper Midwest to the East Coast

A strong cold front will impact the entire east coast this weekend with much cooler temperatures and gusty winds. Heavy snow and strong winds in the Upper Midwest will transition into the Northeast this weekend, and severe weather in the Ohio Valley will move into the Mid-Atlantic as a marginal risk. Out west, a cold weather system will bring more rain, and some areas of low elevation snow. Read More >

The following are statements issued by the National Weather Service Weather Forecast Offices in regards to flooding conditions across the northeast US.
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Product Time Product Type River Location or Affected Counties Flood Category
Feb 24 10:53 pm Flood Warning Continuation Moose River at McKeever, NY Minor
Feb 24 10:53 pm Flood Warning Continuation Black River at Watertown, NY Minor
Feb 24 10:53 pm Flood Warning Continuation Black River near Boonville, NY Minor
Feb 24 09:14 pm Flood Watch Continuation Central Piscataquis, ME, Central Penobscot, ME, South Penobscot, ME, Interior Hancock, ME, Central Washington, ME, Southern Piscataquis, ME, Northern Washington, ME -
Feb 24 08:41 pm Flood Watch Continuation North Oxford, ME, North Franklin, ME, Central Somerset, ME, South Oxford, ME, South Franklin, ME, South Somerset, ME, Androscoggin, ME, Kennebec, ME, North Coos, NH, South Coos, NH, North Grafton, NH, North Carroll, NH, South Grafton, NH, South Carroll, NH, Sullivan, NH, Merrimack, NH, Belknap, NH, Cheshire, NH, Eastern Hillsborough, NH, Western Hillsborough, NH -
Feb 24 08:40 pm Flood Watch Continuation Oswego, NY, Jefferson, NY, Lewis, NY -
Feb 24 03:36 pm Flood Watch Continuation North Herkimer, NY, Hamilton, NY, South Herkimer, NY, Southern Fulton, NY, Montgomery, NY, Northeast Nye, NY, Northern Warren, NY, Northern Washington, NY, Northern Fulton, NY, Southeast Warren, NY, Southern Washington, NY, Bennington, VT, Western Windham, VT, Eastern Windham, VT -
Feb 24 03:23 pm Flood Watch Continuation North St Lawrence, NY, North Franklin, NY, Eastern Clinton, NY, SE St Lawrence, NY, South Franklin, NY, Western Clinton, NY, West Essex, NY, East Essex, NY, Grand Isle, VT, Western Franklin, VT, Orleans, VT, Essex, VT, Western Chittenden, VT, Lamoille, VT, Caledonia, VT, Washington, VT, Western Addison, VT, Orange, VT, Western Rutland, VT, Windsor, VT, Eastern Franklin, VT, Eastern Chittenden, VT, Eastern Addison, VT, Eastern Rutland, VT -
Feb 24 02:04 pm Flood Watch Continuation North Oneida, NY, South Oneida, NY -