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At the request of the private meteorological community, the NWS Industrial Meteorology Staff is posting known URL's for government, military, university, and commercial software (including freeware and shareware) that may be of assistance in viewing and validating various NWS datastreams.

DISCLAIMER This government, military, and university software is in the public domain and is furnished "as is." The accompanying list of software is purely intended as informational with no implied endorsement. For further information on the software, you will need to contact the providers directly.

Internet Weather Software Libraries:


University of Michigan Weather Software Archive
Weather Software Links
Weather Graphics


Commercial and other Software Links:


Ambient Software.
ATMOGRAPH ModelVis - Industrial numerical weather model GRIB-format data visualization and analysis software
Boltek Lightning Detectors - DOS\WIN Versions Available
CALPUFF/CALMET Modeling System
Hurricane by Kitty Code
IPS Meteostar
Praxis Software
Sandaysoft-Cumulus Weather Station Software
Weather Message
Weather Graphics, Digital Atmosphere, Global Tracks, Surface and Upper Air Archives, Digital Chart
WeatherView Software for most all Weather Stations
WRF Model User Suppport (UCAR)
WXSIM Weather Model


Weather Satellite Software (WEFAX/HF/Polar, etc...)

Weather Satellite Software


ACARS Software (Avaition Weather conditions: wind speed and direction, temperature and turbulence information)

AirNav ACARS Software


UNIX Based Materials

SSEC's McIDAS, McIDAS-Lite, Vis5D, VisAD Software
MM5 Community Model
ARPS Software from CAPS
GRADS Software
Unidata Software - GEMPAK, McIDAS, WXP
SOO/Science Training Resource Center Software Packages


Meteorological Training Material


COMET Education and Training Materials



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