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Education is a key component toward meeting the National Weather Service (NWS) mission of protecting lives and property.   Educating individuals of all ages about weather, water, and climate phenomena and how to remain safe from weather hazards provides the initial foundation toward building a Weather-Ready Nation. NWS Education vision states: “A Weather-Informed Society:  A society empowered with the knowledge and tools needed to understand weather, water and climate science and to take action toward building a Weather-Ready Nation.” NWS education contributes to NOAA’s Office of Education goals and works across NOAA on research, outreach, and collaborative activities.

NWS staff reach deep into local communities to establish and build relationships to educate individuals and organizations in weather science, preparedness, and safety resulting in an increased awareness and resilience towards extreme weather, water and climate events.

Education activities are conducted all over the country at the local level from the NWS field offices and National Centers. At the local level the NWS staff reaches, connects, and inspires the public to know their community’s  hazardous weather risks and how to prepare and  recover when weather impacts their community.NWS local office staff spend time in their communities by participating in community awareness events during the year and conduct NWS “open house days” for their communities.  A strong weather awareness within the community provides the building blocks for greater resilience against nature’s worst.

In addition, NWS Education assists in ensuring a diverse and highly skilled future workforce.  NWS Education efforts assist students in finding their path toward careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).Starting with middle school students, there are opportunities to volunteer at local forecast offices, participate in mentoring programs, and attend summer weather camps. For high school and college students NWS, NOAA and its education partners offer scholarships and internships, on a competitive basis, to increase their education experience.

NWS Meteorologist teaches students about the heat index and to stay safe during a heat wave. NWS Meteorologist provide students with career information and how to become a meteorologists. Young students are playing the Young Meteorologist Program and learn how to protect themselves when severe weather threatens their community.
Meet some of the meteorology and river field forecasters and management. WFO Jacksonville conducting NWS outreach.  NWS education in an Alaskan school. 

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