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The National Weather Service (NWS) works closely with Federal, state, and local partners from the emergency management (EM) and water management communities as well with other government agencies that have a focus on public safety. This teamwork is important, not just when emergencies happen, but also behind the scenes to better plan for critical events.

Your community depends on local EMs to handle everything from extreme weather events such as tornadoes and blizzards, to chemicals spills, wildfires, and dam breaks.  Chemicals spills may disperse more in windy weather. Rainfall affects dam levels. Winter weather affects roads. NWS is there 24/7 working with EMs and other government partners to keep you safe. The NWS and the EM community work together to coordinate a joint response to ensure your safety. EMs are among our closest and most vital partners in our effort to achieve a Weather-Ready Nation.  

NWS provides direct support to government decision makers and safety officials for hazardous weather and non-weather events. The NWS can reach locally into the communities by providing consistent Impact-based Decision Support Services, or IDSS, to these partners. In addition, NWS local, regional and national centers and offices work hand-in-hand with your local EMs to coordinate weather impacts for major events that have an impact on public safety.

The NWS mission is to protect your life and the lives of your family and community members and to alert you to possible property and crop damages as far in advance as possible. Working closely with government partners keeps all our communication to you consistent and clear during the times when you most need this clarity.     

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FEMA and NWS collaborate at the National Hurricane Center  NWS Partner exhibits during outreach events