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Track of San Pedro Tornado, June 30, 2010
Alex Spawns Small Tornado on June 30, 2010
"Ajax" Funnel Knocks Down Trees, Pushes Down Items in San Pedro

Embedded circulations within outer rain bands of Alex spawned a brief tornado touchdown in the community of San Pedro, 7 miles northwest of Brownsville along Military and Old Military Highway 281. One interviewed resident saw a small, white colored funnel sucking up standing water as it raced by their house, and others nearby noted a loud roar that lasted only seconds. The twister, which struck at around 1035 AM, lasted for less than a half mile and was only 25 to 40 yards in diameter as it sliced from Mary Lee Court southwest across Old Military Highway and Military Highway.

Water kiosk turned on side by small tornado, San Pedro (click to enlarge)
Trailer turned onto side of recreational vehicle by small tornado, San Pedro, June 30 2010 (click to enlarge)

The tornado appeared to begin near a home between Old Military Highway and Mary Lee Court, lifting a few old shingles before knocking down several large limbs in the front yard. The track continued across Old Military Highway, tipping over a water kiosk and tearing off numerous mesquite limbs before moving across Military Highway (Federal 281), where it blew down smaller mesquite trees before crossing a field and tipping over a trailer at a 45° angle onto a recreational vehicle. Damage continued into a tree stand before ending. Well built homes in the neighborhood sustained no damage; power lines remained up and power never went out as the storm raced by.

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