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Office Staff
NWS Brownsville/Rio Grande Valley staff photo, February 2019

From left (spring 2019): Senior Forecaster Timothy Speece, Meteorologist Brian Mejia, Meteorologist Matthew Brady, Electronics Technician Gregory Saunders, Forecaster Chris Birchfield, Forecaster Rick Hallman, Science and Operations Officer Joshua Schroeder, Administrative Support Assistant Rachel Gil, Senior Forecaster Joseph Tomaselli, Senior Forecaster Geoff Bogorad, Forecaster Jason Straub, Senior Forecaster Brian Miller, Senior Forecaster Mike Castillo, Forecaster Robert Frye, Forecaster Kirk Caceres, Electronics Technician Derek Urch, Meteorologist Laura Farris, Electronics Systems Analyst Alan del Castillo, Information Technology Officer Pablo Gonzalez.

Not shown: Warning Coordination Meteorologist/Acting Meteorologist-in-Charge Barry Goldsmith (taking photograph).

Meteorologist in Charge - Michael Buchanan
Warning Coordination Meteorologist - Barry Goldsmith
Science and Operations Officer - Joshua Schroeder
Electronics Systems Analyst - Alan del Castillo
Observation Program Leader - Vacant

Information Technology Officer - Pablo Gonzalez
Administrative Assistant - Rachel Gil

Senior Forecasters

  • Geoff Bogorad: CoCoRaHS, Drought Program, Climate and Cooperative Observer Program, Aviation (Assistant)
  • Mike Castillo: Hydrology Program, Local BLAST, Award Recognition, Social Media
  • Brian Miller: Duty Manual, Adopt-a-Community (Upper Valley Coordinator), Newsletter Assistant Editor, Amateur Radio,
  • Tim Speece: Data Management, Public Forecast Program, Tsunami Program
  • Joseph Tomaselli
  • Chris Birchfield: Social Media, Climate Program, Cooperative Observer Program, Marine Program, Spanish Language Program, Radar, Goodwill
  • Kirk Caceres: Aviation Program, Newsletter
  • Robert Frye: Tropical Program, Inter–Regional Integrated Services (IRIS), Enhanced Hazardous Weather Outlook (EHWO), 
  • Rick Hallman:  IDSS Team co-Lead, Winter Weather Program, Adopt-A-Community co-Lead, Fire Weather Program, Upper Air Lead
  • Matthew Brady: Radar Program Lead, IDSS co-Lead, Adopt-a-Community co-Lead
  • Laura Farris: Storm Data Preparation, School Outreach Coordinator, Tour Coordinator
  • Brian Mejia: GIS
  • Amber McGinnis (starts 2/3/2020)

Electronics Technician
  • Derek Urch
  • Gregory Saunders
Student Career Experience Program
  • Vacant