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Office Staff
NWS Brownsville/Rio Grande Valley staff photo, February 2019

From left (spring 2019): Senior Forecaster Timothy Speece, Meteorologist Brian Mejia, Meteorologist Matthew Brady*, Electronics Technician Gregory Saunders, Forecaster Chris Birchfield*, Forecaster Rick Hallman, Science and Operations Officer Joshua Schroeder, Administrative Support Assistant Rachel Gil, Senior Forecaster Joseph Tomaselli, Senior Forecaster Geoff Bogorad, Forecaster Jason Straub*, Senior Forecaster Brian Miller, Senior Forecaster Mike Castillo, Forecaster Robert Frye*, Forecaster Kirk Caceres, Electronics Technician Derek Urch*, Meteorologist Laura Farris, Electronics Systems Analyst Alan del Castillo, Information Technology Officer Pablo Gonzalez.

Not shown: Warning Coordination MeteorologistBarry Goldsmith (taking photograph).

*Now at other NWS offices across the nation

Meteorologist in Charge - Michael Buchanan
Warning Coordination Meteorologist - Barry Goldsmith
Science and Operations Officer - Joshua Schroeder
Electronics Systems Analyst - Alan del Castillo
Observation Program Leader - Vacant

Information Technology Officer - Pablo Gonzalez
Administrative Assistant - Rachel Gil

Senior Forecasters

  • Geoff Bogorad: CoCoRaHS, Drought Program, Climate and Cooperative Observer Program, Aviation Program
  • Mike Castillo: Hydrology Program, Tropical Program, Local BLAST, Award Recognition, Social Media
  • Brian Miller: Duty Manual, Skywarn Program, Amateur Radio, Radar, Satelllite, Climate Program, Oil Spill Science
  • Tim Speece: Data Management, Public Forecast Program, Tsunami Program
  • Joseph Tomaselli
  • Brian Adams: Social Media, Skywarn Program
  • Kirk Caceres: Climate Program, Aviation Program, Tropical Program
  • Laura Farris: Marine/Coastal Program, Storm Data Preparation, School Outreach Coordinator, Tour Coordinator, GIS
  • Rick Hallman:  IDSS Team co-Lead, Winter Weather Program, Adopt-A-Community co-Lead, Fire Weather Program, Upper Air Lead
  • Brian Mejia: Digital Forecast Production, Marine/Coastal Program, GIS, Radar
  • Amber McGinnis: Newsletter, Skywarn Program, Amateur Radio, Social Media
  • David Reese
  • Angelica Soria

Electronics Technician
  • Mike Gonzalez
  • Gregory Saunders
Student Pathways Program
  • Michael Lavallee