National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

John Murphy

The Office of the Chief Operating Officer (OCOO) manages the day-to-day mission execution units responsible for delivering NWS weather, water, climate and space weather products, services, and information as well as the budgetary planning for 11 National Service Programs. The Office is responsible for coordinating and integrating all aspects of mission execution to ensure consistency of NWS products and services. The Office is responsible for enforcing National Service Program policy. The Office manages the NWS Operations Center (NWSOC) and provides liaison services to other partnering agencies. The Office is the lead for Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning to ensure organizational and management continuity. The Office monitors and reports service delivery performance measures, conducts and evaluates operational service efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction, and develops NWS policy delineating NWS's mission and its public sector responsibility to produce and disseminate information. The Office manages and oversees resources to maintain and sustain effective mission execution, identifies and validates needed service requirements, and ensures those needs are incorporated into cross-portfolio planning activities. These activities require active coordination and collaboration with all members of the climatological, hydrometeorological, space weather, and oceanographic communities as well as all weather-sensitive constituent communities including other Federal, state, and local government agencies; the media; the private weather information sector; academic institutions; non-governmental organizations; constituent organizations; and the public.