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Changes to NWS Information Services

This site provides information on changes under consideration by NWS to information services that provide environmental information to NWS users.

The nation benefits from government information disseminated both by Federal agencies and by diverse nonfederal parties, including commercial and not-for-profit entities. NWS recognizes cooperation, not competition, with private sector and academic and research entities best serves the public interest and best meets the varied needs of specific individuals, organizations, and economic entities. NWS will take advantage of existing capabilities and services of commercial and academic sectors to support efficient performance of NWS's mission and avoid duplication and competition in areas not related to the NWS mission. NWS will give due consideration to these abilities and consider the effects of its decisions on the activities of these entities, in accordance with its responsibilities as an agency of the U.S. Government, to serve the public interest and advance the nation's environmental information enterprise as a whole.


Policy Related to Changes in NWS Environmental Information Services


NWS policies require adequate notice when NWS is considering initiating, substantially modifying, or terminating significant information services:
NWSPD 1-10 Managing the Provision of Environmental Information
NWSI 1-1002 – Termination of NWS Information Services
NWSI 10-102 – Products and Services Change Management

Pursuant to these policies, NWS currently provides notice of its intent to change its environmental information services via public notices/webpage and maintains a database of information on changes to its environmental informaiton services. See below for links tho this webpage and database:


Archived Legacy Database of Changes to NWS Environmental Information Services


Below are archived files from a legacy database of changes to NWS environmental information services which occurred 2005-2015.  To search for a specific change or topic area, click on the database and use search (ctrl-F) to search for your area of interest. 

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