National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

PNS/SCN Notification Coordinators

  • Ensure compliance with NWS Instruction 10-1805
  • Add PNS or SCN reference numbers and time of transmission
  • Transmit, post to, and email the message to PNS/SCN mailing list
Notification Coordinator Melody Magnus 301-427-9324
Backup Mike Dion 301-427-9373

NWS Headquarters Notification Focal Points

Analyze, Forecast and Support Office
Marine Services
Tropical Services
Tsunami Services

John Kuhn/Darren Wright
Wayne Presnell/Jessica Schauer
Mike Angove/Lewis Kozlosky

Severe Services
Fire Services
Public Services
Winter Services

Greg Schoor
Heath Hockenberry
Danielle Nagele
Randall Graham (acting)

Aviation and Space Weather Services

Mike Graf/Kevin Stone

Water Resources Services

Dan Roman/Mary Mullusky
Climate Services Jim Zdrojewski
Dissemination Services Tim Schott
Office of Observations
Office of Observations Tom Trunk
Radar Operations Center Jessica Schultz/ Blake McGuire
Office of Science and Technology Integration
Meteorological Development Laboratory

Mike Baker, Mark Antolik

Office of Science and Technology Integration Mike Baker, Mark Antolik
Office of the Director Bob Maxson
Office of Operations
Office of the Chief Operating Officer
Chief Operating Officer Wendy Levine
Office of Dissemination Greg Zwicker