National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
  • If your PNS/SCN does not meet minimum lead time in Table 1 of NWSI 10-1805, you MUST obtain a waiver (see Appendix E of NWSI 10-1805 for a sample) from acting AFS Director Allison Allen.

PNS/SCN Notification Coordinators

  • Ensure compliance with NWS Instruction (NWSI) 10-1805
  • Add PNS or SCN reference numbers and time of transmission
  • Transmit, post to, and email the message to PNS/SCN mailing list
Notification Coordinator Monica Parker  
Backups Mike Dion/John Kuhn 301-427-9373

NWS Headquarters Notification Focal Points

Analyze, Forecast and Support Office
Marine Services
Tropical Services
Tsunami Services

Darren Wright/John Kuhn
Jessica Schauer/Joel Cline
Mike Angove/Ian Sears

Severe Services
Fire Services
Public Services
Winter Services

Greg Schoor
Heath Hockenberry/Robyn Heffernan
Kim McMahon/Danielle Nagele
Sarah Perfater

Aviation Services

Mike Graf/Kevin Stone/Bruce Entwistle

Space Weather Services Jinni Meehan

Water Resources Services

Dan Roman/Mary Mullusky
Climate Services Jim Zdrojewski
Dissemination Services Tim Schott
Decision Support Integration Katie Edwards/Rich Bandy
Office of Observations
Office of Observations Tom Trunk
Radar Operations Center Bill Ward/Blake McGuire
Office of Science and Technology Integration
Meteorological Development Laboratory

Mike Baker/Mark Antolik

Office of Science and Technology Integration Mike Baker/Mark Antolik
Office of the Director Bob Maxson
Office of Operations
Office of the Chief Operating Officer
Chief Operating Officer Wendy Levine
Office of Dissemination Greg Zwicker