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March 15-16, 1843 Estimated Snow Totals

From the Nashville Tennessean, March 29, 1843: 
"This storm is worthy of investigation. It commenced in Nashville a short time before day on the morning of the 15th, and continued with little intermission until the morning of the 16th, but not with equal violence to that of the 7th January, in which there fell a greater quantity of snow in half the time. Its greater extent, however, makes it of more importance, as furnishing facts bearing upon the question of the law of storms. This storm seems to have extended from New Orleans to New York at least - this, as yet being the extent of our information - probably, from Texas to Lower Canada and New Brunswick. Its extent to the northwest, so far as our information extends, was limited. At St. Louis there was but little snow - at the mouth of the Cumberland, there was less. While on the lower Mississippi, and in fact as far to the southwest, south, and southeast as we have yet had information it was a great storm, falling in some places to the depth of 16 and 18 inches."


March 15-17, 1843 Snowfall Totals
Snow Total City State
18-20" New York City New York
12-15" Baltimore Maryland
12-15" Washington D.C.
12-15" Philadelphia Pennsylvania
15" Shelbyville Tennessee
14" McMinnville Tennessee
12" Nashville Tennessee
12" Hartford Connecticut
10" Memphis Tennessee
7.5" Augusta Georgia
6-8" Columbus Mississippi
6" Yazoo City Mississippi
5" Louisville Mississippi
3-4" Clarksville Tennessee
3" Greensboro North Carolina
2-3" Natchez Mississippi
T Charleston South Carolina
T New Orleans Louisiana