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March 21-23, 1968 Snow Totals

FROM THE MARCH 1968 STORM DATA PUBLICATION:  A major snowstorm of the 1967-1968 winter season in terms of area covered by heavy snowfall, followed by near record low temperatures, gave the western half of Tennessee its most unusual late winter weather in many years. The record heavy snow, preceded by rain, began on the 21st and continued on the 22nd, with some light snow on the 23rd. The snowstorm yielded 12 to 16 inches in most parts of West Tennessee and 6 to 12 inches in Middle Tennessee. In Memphis, snowfall was the second heaviest of record, with 17.3 inches falling on the 21st to 23rd, 16.3 inches fell in 19 hours and 38 minutes. The snow was wet and heavy and did considerable damage to trees, shrubbery, wires and some roofs. East of the Cumberland Plateau, snowfall amounts decreased rapidly to 1 inch to mostly traces of snow in East Tennessee. In the areas of heaviest snowfall there was some interruption to power and telephone service, although it was not as great as would be expected. Slippery roads with snow and ice were blamed for numerous traffic injuries. Three deaths were related to the storm, of which 2 resulted from hear failure while shoveling snow.


March 21-23, 1968 Snowfall Totals across Middle Tennessee
Snow Total City County
12.5" Waynesboro Wayne
12.0" Dover Stewart
11.5" Dickson Dickson
11.3" Clarksville Montgomery
11.0" Linden Perry
10.5" Cheatham Dam Cheatham
10.5" Springfield Robertson
10.5" Orlinda Robertson
10.0" Murfreesboro Rutherford
9.5" Portland Sumner
9.3" 7 N Lebanon Wilson
9.0" Bethpage Sumner
9.0" Carthage Smith
9.0" Lebanon Wilson
9.0" Lewisburg Marshall
9.0" Columbia Maury
8.0" Centerville Hickman
8.0" Lafayette Macon
8.0" Shelbyville Bedford
8.0" Woodbury Cannon
7.5" Franklin Williamson
6.5" Pulaski Giles
6.0" Cookeville Putnam
6.0" Lawrenceburg Lawrence
6.0" Tullahoma Coffee
4.0" Allardt Fentress
4.0" Jamestown Fentress
3.0" Sparta White
2.0" McMinnville Warren
2.0" Crossville Cumberland