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August 1995 Heat Wave


A strong upper level ridge of high pressure over the Midwestern U.S. brought a prolonged heat wave to Middle Tennessee during the month of August of 1995. Although temperatures were not at record high levels and never reached over 100°, unusually high low level moisture combined with the heat to create extremely high heat index values.  The heat index, or how hot it feels when relative humidity is factored in with the actual air temperature, peaked between 115° and 120° on several days during the middle of August 1995.

For reference, the National Weather Service in Nashville, Tennessee issues a Heat Advisory when the heat index reaches 105° or higher, and an Excessive Heat Warning when the heat index reaches 110° or higher.  Such high heat index values like those experienced in August 1995 are considered extremely dangerous with prolonged outdoor exposure, and can result in heat stroke or heat exhausation in a very short period of time. 


August 1995 Surface Observations at Nashville, TN
August 2007 at Nashville